UK weather forecast: 'Plenty of warm sunshine' across Britain before cold snap to send temperatures plummeting

UK weather forecast: 'Plenty of warm sunshine' across Britain before cold snap to send temperatures plummeting

WATCH: Honor Criswick gives forecast for first days of June and the week ahead

Met Office
Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 02/06/2024

- 12:40

Updated: 02/06/2024

- 12:40

The Met Office has advised to ‘take advantage of the warm sunshine’ before temperatures decline

Britain is scheduled to see “plenty of warm sunshine” today and tomorrow before a cold snap will send temperatures plummeting to the mid-teens.

People across the UK had a nasty shock yesterday as temperatures dropped to single digits in some rural areas overnight on Saturday.

Britons can expect a pleasant upturn on Sunday and Monday with temperatures soaring over 20C.

Met Office meteorologist, Honor Criswick, said that although it could be cloudier and more drizzly in the north, other parts of the country will see sultry conditions coming through.

Met office weather forecast

'Plenty of warm sunshine' across Britain before cold snap strikes to send temperatures plummeting

Met Office

She said: “Well, we've seen plenty of fine and dry weather to start the weekend, and there'll be plenty of warm sunshine to end the weekend too.

“A bit cloudier in the northwest, with some rain and drizzle to start the day.

“A little bit of mist and fog to start but clearing quite quickly, allowing plenty of fine and dry weather across the UK and some warm sunshine too.

“As I say though, it will be cloudier across the northwest of Scotland and we'll start to see some rain and drizzle feed in from the west.

Met Office\u200b weather forecast

Cloud and rain will descend southwards on Monday night

Met Office

“This is where temperatures are going to struggle a little bit and it will be feeling a bit cooler.

“But elsewhere a lovely warm day on offer, particularly along eastern coasts where temperatures struggled here a little bit yesterday.

“So through the course of the evening, then we'll continue to see that rain and drizzle sweep its way across Scotland and then later on across northern parts of England and Northern Ireland too.

“We'll gradually start to see cloud feed in from the north across the rest of England.

“It will stay clearest for longest across the south, where it will be a little bit cooler, but for most towns and cities it will be a mild and cloudy night to come.”

Honor Criswick gives forecast

Criswick advised to make the most of the warm weather on Sunday and Monday

Met Office

Met Office forecast for week beginning June 3

Criswick advised the rest of the week would turn cooler

Met Office

However, Criswick suggested that Britons should get the shorts on while they can as temperatures are expected to take another dive from Tuesday.

She continued: “For most of Monday, then a largely cloudy day will continue to see that rain and drizzle move its way southeastwards, brighter across the south to start, but then clouding over later on and we will start to see some sunshine break through the cloud across Scotland later, which means there will still be some sunshine on offer, so temperatures not quite as high as they will be today.

“But where you do catch the sunshine, it will still be feeling pleasant and warm for the rest of the week.

“Then it is still going to be fairly cloudy and we are going to start to see some rain and showers, particularly in the north of the country, and it's not going to be feeling quite as warm.

“So make sure you take advantage of the warm sunshine to end the weekend.”

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