UK weather forecast: Britain set for 90F 'heat-spike' in just weeks with Spanish plume to send temperatures soaring

Weather map for May 20, 2023

Temperatures rising through the end of the month

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Nathan Rao

By Nathan Rao

Published: 09/05/2023

- 12:02

Updated: 09/05/2023

- 12:03

Experts are currently watching for the onset of an El Nino warming event of the eastern Pacific

Britain could be just weeks away from the first 90F summer heat-spike with temperatures forecast to rocket through May.

The mercury will surge through the coming weeks as the UK braces for a possible ‘100F summer’.

Dull and drizzly weather will improve through next fortnight bringing highs of 70F by the end of spring, according to some forecasters.

However, Britain is ‘in the waiting room’ for the first heat blast with warnings to ‘keep brollies handy’ over the coming days.

Weather map for May 13, 2023

Warmer airflow nudges towards Britain

WX Charts

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services said: “I would expect to see 25C by the end of this month or into the start of June, and this will be the first staging post of the arrival of summer heat.

“If the correct synoptics come together, then 30C to 32C would be expected during June, and this would be the result of heat coming out of Spain or France.

“During the peak of summer, the really hot weather will almost certainly deliver, and again, with the correct synoptics, and given that nothing has changed climatically since last year, we could obtain the 100F.”

Britain’s hotter summers are the result of a warming climate and meteorological events pushing up temperatures, he said.

Experts are currently watching for the onset of an El Nino warming event of the eastern Pacific, a phenomenon which affects global weather patterns.

It would follow a three-year ‘triple-dip’ La Nina event which after just coming to an end has raised fears of a pendulum swing to El Nino.

Hot weather during the summer months in Britain is also driven by high pressure building across the Atlantic from the tropical Azores Islands, off the coast of Portugal.

The Azores High is expected to influence the weather again this summer with another 40C possible over the next three months.

Mr Dale, author of ‘Weather Or Not?”, said sun-hungry Britons hankering for the heat must hold out a bit longer.

He said: “We are currently in the waiting room for the hot weather, with temperatures at the moment not really anything to write home about and it is a case of keeping brollies handy for the time being.

“The effects of climate change, and the very hot weather, are happening elsewhere around the globe, for example in Thailand and Vietnam which are seeing extreme heat.

“However, we may not be far behind, and I would expect to see 30C or higher next month, and then there is the potential for much hotter weather through the rest of the season.

“There is no reason, now that it has happened once and there is no change in the climatic picture since last year, that we couldn’t see another 40C.”

Some experts say extreme heat could be just a fortnight away with 30C possible before the end of May.

While meteorological weather charts are currently erring on the cooler side, they could change on a hairpin, experts say.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “Later in May we could be bathing in much warmer and more settled conditions.

“This is despite a lack of consensus among the main third-party computer models, and we could be about to see the weather change drastically.

“Temperatures within this period are expected to rise notably, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t see maximum temperatures in the mid 20Cs or higher in the sunshine.

“30C is still not out of reach as the heat begins to build from around mid-May onwards.”

In the meantime, government forecasters have warned to brace for showers and grey skies.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “It’s all change yet again with our weather, we have wet weather on the way with Atlantic weather systems sweeping in through the course of the week bringing outbreaks of rain, stronger winds and some heavy showers.”

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