Expats in Portugal share the worst thing about moving there - 'it can be intimidating'

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Expats spoke about their experience living in Portugal

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/01/2024

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Expats in Portugal shared the biggest cons of living in the country compared to the UK

Portugal is a sunny destination full of culture and history. Many expats will choose to move to the country.

However, there are some key differences when living there compared to the UK, according to one family.

They explained there are pros and cons to living in Portugal. Some people may not feel welcomed straight away, but the expats shared a tip to help locals warm to them.

"Portuguese people can initially seem quite intimidating, especially outside of the city or with the older generation," they said.


The expats said they felt intimidated at first


"They might not seem friendly and they will stare at you."

However, they added speaking locals will "liven up" if you speak to them in Portuguese, no matter how basic your understanding of the language is.

Knowing some degree of Portuguese is crucial for living in the area, the expats added.

The language can be a big problem for those who don't speak Portuguese, especially if living outside the big cities.

"A con is the language barriers," they said on the YouTube channel 8 Miles from Home.

"We have found that many people speak English in this country, but mostly concentrated around the cities and with younger people. Outside of the cities... nobody speaks English.

"Even in the shops or in the supermarkets. Apart from medical staff and the vet, nobody speaks any English.

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They shared there are pros and cons to being in the country

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"You do have to learn Portuguese if you want to have a good life out here."

They added it is difficult to understand menus, signs and shops and it is "very rare" to find an English sign.

However, the expats added it "does not take long" to pick up the basics and overall there are many positives to living in the country.

This comes as an expat in Spain shared what to consider before moving to the country.

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