'You won't be disappointed!' The best city for expats is a 'breathtaking' European spot with the lowest cost of living - full list

'You won't be disappointed!' The best city for expats is a 'breathtaking' European spot with the lowest cost of living - full list
Top 10 Best Countries to Move to in 2024
Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 14/03/2024

- 12:24

The best city for expats to work and live in for 2024 have been shared and destinations in Europe have dominated the list

Expats may choose to move abroad in the search of new experiences, a different culture, work opportunities or better weather.

Thankfully, experts have put together a list of the best places for Britons to move to based on a range of important factors.

The Global Expat Index for 2024 shared by Preply found Tallinn in Estonia is the best place for expats based on the monthly cost of living, average monthly salary, estimated tax and internet speed.

Estonia boasted the lowest cost of living, at £932 per month and tax of 20 per cent - the lowest bar Dubai which taxes zero per cent.

Old Town in Estonia

Tallinn topped the list of best places to work and move


The best cities to live and work in 2024 (cost of living)

Tallinn, Estonia - £932

Bern, Switzerland - £2,230

Singapore, Singapore - £2,559

Basel, Switzerland - £2,439

Rotterdam, Netherlands - £1,765

Munich, Germany - £1,577

Amsterdam, Netherlands - £2,053

Madrid, Spain - £1,382

The Hague, Netherlands - £1,584

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - £2,225

Malaga, Spain - £1,174

Tallinn is the picturesque capital city of Estonia and it is full of history and culture, including its 13th century Gothic Town Hall and cobblestoned Old Town.

Flights from London take around three hours direct and those who have visited Tallinn have left positive reviews on Tripadvisor.

One who visited the Old Town said: "Tallinn Old Town is stunning. So many beautiful buildings to see. Lots of small cobbled streets and passageways. The parks surrounding the Old Town are also worth an explore. Lovely coffee places and restaurants to enjoy."

Another added: "One of the most breathtaking and well-preserved old towns in the world. I visited during the Christmas time - the market was so cosy, it was snowing, too. Definitely a winter wonderland."

A third agreed, penning: "I have been to 86 countries and this city is one the best places I and my wife have ever visited. We went in the winter which added to our enjoyment as it was cold and very snowy.

"The medieval centre is stunning, loads to see and do. The people, sites to see, restaurants and bars are excellent. Go visit and you will not be disappointed."

Another said: "Definitely a must-do part of any trip to Tallinn! The old town is compact and easy to get around with lots of great viewing platforms that provide a great view of the surrounding city and harbour."

The list of best cities was dominated by places in Europe, with nine out of 11 places being located in the continent.


People having drinks in Madrid

Madrid made the list of best places to move to


Spain is a popular expat destination and the sunny Spanish cities of Madrid and Malaga both made the list with some of the lowest costs of living.

British tourists and expats were given a warning about going to Spain, however, as new rules regarding hospitality are set to come into places.

New rules could see restrictions on opening times in bars and restaurants, causing them to close earlier than they currently do. This was met with backlash with some Britons saying they will "boycott" holidays to Spain as a result.

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