‘Ignorant little cr*p hats!’ Charlie Lawson demands rowdy Britons abroad are BANNED from tourist spots: ‘Can’t hold their liquor!’

‘Ignorant little cr*p hats!’ Charlie Lawson demands rowdy Britons abroad are BANNED from tourist spots: ‘Can’t hold their liquor!’

Charlie Lawson hits out at rowdy Britons

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 31/05/2024

- 14:27

Updated: 31/05/2024

- 14:41

Drunk and disorderly Britons are becoming increasingly unpopular abroad

Actor Charlie Lawson has demanded the banning of British passports from rowdy holidaymakers during a furious rant on GB News.

Attitudes towards British holidaymakers across Europe appear to be at an all time low with Spain in particular seeking to clamp down.

Popular tourist hotspots in Spain including Magaluf and Ibiza recently introduced strict drinking laws where alcohol can only be bought from shops between 8am and 9.30pm.

Speaking on The People’s Channel, Coronation Street star Lawson demanded radical measures are put in place to help improve the image of Britons looking to enjoy a bit of sun.

Britons in Mallorca and Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson demanded Britons behaving badly abroad have their passports stripped


“These are ignorant little cr*p hats who can’t hold their liquor”, he said.

“Off they kick and they are little scrotes. I would turn around and take their passports right off them.


A view of Punta Ballena, the main club strip in Magaluf, Majorca, SpainPolice in Spain are cracking down on anti-social behaviour PA
Rebecca Reid, Tom Harwood, Emily Carver and Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson hit out at Brits causing trouble abroad


“They should be barred from Magaluf and wherever else. These places need our beer money but I would have no problem removing their passports.”

Journalist Rebecca Reid agreed that Britons must improve their image abroad, but disagreed with Lawson’s suggestion of having their passports taken away.

She said such a move would be a breach of their civil liberties.

“We can be a real embarrassment to our country, but we can’t start taking people’s passports away”, she told Tom Harwood and Emily Carver.

“If you do something illegal abroad, you should be treated like anybody else and be tried and pay for that crime, however, you can’t start bringing in new measures to punish people, especially restricting their travel.

“The Government being able to strip you of your freedoms is very scary and very worrying.”

Holidaymakers have become increasingly unpopular in Majorca with protesters demanding their expulsion.

Protest group Mallorca Platja Tour have introduced an initiative aimed at reclaiming beaches from tourists.

They have urged islanders on X, formerly Twitter, to “recover our beaches and enjoy them as before”.

In their post, they added: “Prepare the trampoline, healthy pineapple and apricots to spend the day there.”

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