UFC 'may be only company capable of saving Bud Light' after Dylan Mulvaney controversy

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Trans news: Bud Light have seen sales plummet since partnering up with Dylan Mulvaney

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 01/11/2023

- 14:33

The beer brand have seen sales plummet ever since partnering up with the trans influencer

UFC 'might be the only company capable of saving Bud Light', it has been claimed.

The sport recently announced a controversial partnership with the beer brand, with fans venting their fury online.

Bud Light used to be the best-selling beer across America.

However, after opting to partner up with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney back in April, they've now seen sales plummet.

Per Outkick, the latest data shows sales for AB InBev, the parent of Bud Light, have fallen 13.5 per cent last quarter from July through September.

Sales are indeed up in some areas of the world.

But they're continuing to lag behind in America, with many still boycotting the brand for their controversial Mulvaney alliance.

The report says UFC 'might be the only company capable of saving Bud light' at this current point in time.

It's said one of Bud Light's strategies to get back in the 'good graces' of customers is to align with the UFC.

The move was 'clearly done to try to gain back favour with conservatives'.

UFC star Sean Strickland has already said he's willing to give the company a second shot.

But he insists they 'f**ked up' by going into partnership with Mulvaney.

“I am so f**king proud of you guys for doing the right things after that f**k up," he said.

"You know how I feel about transgenders. I go f**king hard.

"Just what I do. I am the biggest advocate of biological females.

"If I said my views on transgenders, I would get kicked off Instagram, but I cannot f**king wait to pick up a big old f**king Bud Light can and fix you, Bud Light because you guys are doing the right f**king thing.

"I, Sean Strickland, a representation of the f**king American people, are going to fix you Bud Light.

"Thank you for giving me money. Thank you for supporting my platform. I’m going to help you guys."

UFC chief Dana White, meanwhile, has made it clear he's unfazed by any backlash from fans - and insists he's done the right thing.

“Believe me, if you think I got into this thinking that wouldn’t happen, you’re out of your mind,” he said.

“People are very opinionated about this, and it’s almost like in the COVID thing.

"Through COVID, what did I say during COVID? Somebody’s got to be first.

"There are reasons why I felt we could be first going through COVID, knew we would do it right, yada, yada, yada. You know the story.

"But when it comes to Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, everybody talks about, ‘Oh, you did it for money.’


Bud Light UFC

Trans news: Bud Light sales are still down and UFC partnership could be their last chance to salvage situation


"Hey, dummies, all sponsorship deals are about money. OK?

"So, when you talk about being a sellout, I have multiple (offers) in front of me.

“So it’s not like Bud Light showed up and they were the only option I had to get money.

"You know how f**king stupid that is? This was all about, and I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again, everybody on every side of this deal that were involved, other beer companies and everything else absolutely, positively know that this was not about money for me.

"We were going to end up with money no matter who we ended up with.

"For Anheuser-Busch, it was about values, core values for me. I’m at a point in my life, and I’m at a point in my career, where nothing is just about money anymore.”

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