Andy Murray makes honest admission on 'lowest point' as Brit prepares for Miami Open clash

Andy Murray makes honest admission on 'lowest point' as Brit prepares for Miami Open clash

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 19/03/2024

- 21:05

The three-time Grand Slam winner will be back in action on Wednesday

Andy Murray admits he endured his 'lowest point' in tennis earlier this year as he contemplates when he will hang up his racket.

The two-time Wimbledon champion insists he is 'bored' about questions over his future as he prepares for his Miami Open clash against Matteo Berrettini.

Murray has already confirmed that this year will be his last as a professional as form and fitness finally catch up with him.

The 36-year-old has won just three times since last October and hasn't won back-to-back matches since the Canadian Open last August.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray has made an honest admission ahead of the Miami Open


Murray crashed out of the Australian Open in the first round in January, losing to Tomas Martin Etcheverry.

He admits that was the toughest point he has faced, as he then failed to get past the first round of his next two tournaments.

Murray told The Times: "After the Australian Open was the lowest point. I’ve been enjoying practice, training, trying to improve and those sorts of things.

"The competition itself I don’t think is ever something that’s extremely enjoyable.

"The outcome and results tend to be if they’re going your way, and then if they don’t it’s not. That’s just how sport is.

"For me I wouldn’t pretend it is any other way. I enjoy winning a lot more than I do losing, that’s for sure."

Murray says this summer will be his last, with many believing he could bow out at either Wimbledon or the Olympics.

But he is fed up with talking about the subject and admits he still doesn't know exactly when he will call it a day.

Murray added: "You’re just sort of bored of answering the question. When I lost at the Australian Open, I was obviously extremely disappointed.

"But just because you’ve lost, it’s like, OK, well, when are you going to stop playing? It’s been happening since Wimbledon last year in most weeks.

"It’s something that I’ve had to talk about and entertain. Obviously, at some stage the end will come.

"It’s not an easy decision to know exactly when that will be or when it should be.


Andy Murray

Andy Murray says he had his lowest point earlier this year


"The decision is my decision to be made, not anyone else’s. I don’t see why there should be a keenness for people to stop doing what it is that they enjoy doing."

Murray has two Olympic gold medals to his name but says he only wants to participate in Paris if he deserves it.

He said: "I would love the chance to play in another Olympics but also genuinely only if I felt like there was a chance of winning a medal.

"I’m also very conscious as well that because of how amazing my experiences at the Olympics have been, I would want to be there by right and not just take one of the other guys’ spots because it is a brilliant opportunity.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray begins his Miami Open campaign on Wednesday


"We have top doubles players and also Jack [Draper], Cam [Norrie] and Evo [Dan Evans] in singles as well.

"I don’t want to be in a position where I’m getting selected to play there just because it might be the last tournament that I play.

"That’s why there is a bit of uncertainty about the summer, because I’m not sure what will happen with that."

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