Ronnie O'Sullivan receives support from World Snooker Championship rival amid controversy - 'It's good'

Ronnie O'Sullivan receives support from World Snooker Championship rival amid controversy - 'It's good'

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 29/04/2024

- 12:27

A quarter-finalist has thrown his support behind the Rocket

Ronnie O'Sullivan has received backing from a fellow snooker star after he confirmed he would be interested in defecting to a breakaway tour.

Stephen Maguire has now revealed that his 'ears are always open' after making it through to the quarter-final of the World Snooker Championship.

O'Sullivan said last week that he would be open to receiving the best offer and would 'walk away' from the World Snooker Tour (WST).

World No 2 Judd Trump insists he has no intention of leaving the WST, while Shaun Murphy says those who defect should no longer be permitted to play Triple Crown events.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan has received support from a World Snooker Championship rival


But O'Sullivan has now received support from Maguire, who beat Murphy in the second round at the Crucible on Sunday.

Maguire says interest from investors in the sport would only be a positive for snooker.

The 43-year-old is yet to be contacted but insists he would listen to any proposals that come his way.

Maguire said: "I’m only hearing it from other players and I think it's good if someone else is interested.

"Some of the numbers that are getting thrown around, it's interesting.

"My ears are always open, I'm always listening, always looking. I've not been approached but my door is always open."

Maguire says he would welcome the idea of not having to play qualifying non-televised events in front of small crowds.

He added: "If there’s another opportunity that does not mean Barnsley or Leicester I would seriously think about it. If there was a few years' guarantee, why not?

"Something is happening in the background. I'm not on social media so don't really hear things, unless people say 'Stevie, this is what's happening'.

"I'm looking and listening. My phone is always on."

Golf has seen a raft of high-profile players defect to rebel tour LIV in the last couple of years.

O'Sullivan says he would be prepared to leave the WST if a similar tour was formed in snooker.


Stephen Maguire

Stephen Maguire is open to listening to offers to leave the WST


The Rocket said: "There’s talk there might be another tour. Every player has the right to do what they want to do – you see it in other sports like golf.

"The bottom line is you’ve got to be prepared to walk away, if I didn’t get what I want am I prepared to walk away from the sport? And the answer is yes. I’m, happy with my life.

"I want to be looked after wanna be pampered, anyone who wants to pamper me and look after me, I’m your man.

"I’m just an open book, I’m here, best offer, come speak to me, you’ll find my contact details on Instagram. First come first served, that will be my policy until I stop playing.

Stephen Maguire

Stephen Maguire is through to the quarter-final of the World Snooker Championship


"Each sportsman is a business whether you like it or not so you have to do what’s right for you. We all have families to feed.

"Every person in the world is like that, I’ve got a friend who works for the NHS but has been offered three or four times her salary to go and work in Australia so she’s going to go and do that.

"She’s just going for the better pay, that’s what happens sometimes. We live in a competitive world, so it’s great that there’s this choice out there."

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