Ronnie O'Sullivan outlines snooker desire ahead of Tour Championship final - 'What I used to do'

Ronnie O'Sullivan outlines snooker desire ahead of Tour Championship final - 'What I used to do'

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 07/04/2024

- 11:37

The seven-time world champion still has the aspiration to improve despite his sustained success

Ronnie O'Sullivan has outlined his desire to be more consistent at the snooker table ahead of the Tour Championship final.

The Rocket wants to play like he 'used to do' as he attempts to win his sixth tournament of a hugely successful season.

O'Sullivan won the first two Triple Crown events of the campaign, triumphing at the UK Championship and the Masters.

He has also won the Shanghai Masters, the World Grand Prix and the inaugural Riyadh Season World Masters of Snooker.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan still has the desire to improve at the snooker table


But despite a prolific record in terms of tournament wins, the world No 1 has not been happy with how he has played.

O'Sullivan has often started matches slowly and his best performances have been few and far between.

He turned it on at 7-7 against Gary Wilson in Friday's Tour Championship semi-final, winning three frames in a row to qualify for another final.

O'Sullivan says how he finished that match is how he used to play, and he is keen to get back to that on a more consistent basis.

He told WST: "I'd like to play how I played in those three frames for like 60, 70 per cent of matches. That's what I used to do.

"I'd like to find that sort of form for quite longer periods in matches.

"I'll take it when it comes and keep trying to focus and try to compete and try and enjoy it and try to stay composed out there and give myself a chance."

O'Sullivan has opened up on his mental struggles this year and has again been speaking to sports psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters.

He pulled out of two tournaments at the Welsh Open and German Masters in an attempt to help his health and well-being.

O'Sullivan says he still gets some enjoyment out of playing but is learning that will not always be the case.

He added: "Yeah there's times when I'm enjoying it. There were times out there when it was tough.

"The first few frames I wasn't really getting hold of the ball as I'd like to have done but that's snooker, you can't always be hitting it great.


Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan is playing in Sunday's Tour Championship final


"I tried to stay patient and the interval came and I got a bit of a lead, and then he came back at me.

"But as long as you give yourself time, you can always turn around."

O'Sullivan will play fellow Class of '92 star Mark Williams in Sunday's final in Manchester.

Williams is keen to take the match to his opponent after beating Mark Allen 10-5 in Saturday's second semi-final.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan will face old rival Mark Williams in the Tour Championship final


He said: "I'm just going to enjoy it. How many more times is this going to happen?

"I couldn't pick a better player to play in a final. I'm going to attack and try my best.

"I know I haven't played Ronnie in a final for a long time but that's because he keeps beating me before the final!"

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