American school slapped with huge fine after letting transgender teenager play volleyball against girls

American school slapped with huge fine after letting transgender teenager play volleyball against girls

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/12/2023

- 14:22

The move is thought to be the first time a school has been punished in relation to the 2021 Fairness in Women's Sports Act

A school in America has been fined after allowing a transgender teenager play volleyball against girls.

Under the Fairness in Women's Sports Act, trans student-athletes are banned from playing in school sports teams that align with their gender identity.

This was introduced by Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis two years ago.

According to Pink News, Monarch High School has been fined a huge £13,160 by the Florida High School Athletic Association.

Trans news

Trans news: A school in America has been fined for allowing a transgender volleyball player to go up against girls


It's claimed a letter sent to the school has informed them it will be on administrative probation for a full calendar year.

The student-athlete has been 'declared ineligible to represent any member school for a period of one year from the date of discovery [21 November]'.

Reacting to the development, Florida education commissioner Manny Diaz Jr wrote: “Thanks to [DeSantis], Florida passed legislation to protect girls’ sports and we will not tolerate any school that violates this law.

"We applaud the swift action taken by the FHSAA to ensure there are serious consequences for this illegal behaviour.”

The fine is reflective of each of the 33 volleyball contests the trans athlete participated in during the last two seasons.

The school has been fined £399 for each fixture they played in.

As part of the punishment, representatives will also be required to attend FHSAA compliance seminars for the next two years.

They will also have to host an 'eligibility' and 'compliance' workshop based on its learnings in 2014, too.

Monarch High School are able to appeal the decision within 10 days.

Broward County Public School offices say the investigation into the matter remains 'ongoing'.

Broward public school superintendent Dr Peter Licata reportedly received complaints about the trans student competing in the girls' volleyball team before Thanksgiving last month.

After an investigation, the school's principal and other staff members were reassigned - which led to a student walk-out.

Trans news Volleyball

Trans news: The Volleyball player and her family tried to overturn the decision


The student in question, as well as her family, challenged DeSantis' legislation.

However, a judge ruled against their attempts to get the ban overturned.

Meanwhile, a female cyclist has stuck up for trans athletes after finishing behind two at a recent cycling event.

Kristen Chalmers finished third at a cycling championship in Illinois on December 3.


And she has taken aim at critics of her competitors, writing an open letter that hammers home the importance of inclusion.

“We refuse to be falsely presented as victims in a manufactured controversy driven to further alienate and marginalize those most vulnerable within our community, in service of rampant and harmful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation," she said.

“We speak for ourselves: Inclusion makes our sport and community stronger. Everyone is welcome here. Trans women are women.”

Former US college swimmer Riley Gaines, however, has hit back at Chalmers by saying: “Chalmers may claim she’s fine losing to men, but female athletes like her don’t have the right to willingly surrender the integrity of competition for everyone.

“The majority of female athletes believe women deserve respect and fair competition. She is a traitor to ethical and fair sport. And she’s a traitor to women.”

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