Ronnie O'Sullivan sparks concern in 'hard to watch' interview with snooker star 'so down'

Ronnie O'Sullivan sparks concern in 'hard to watch' interview with snooker star 'so down'

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 19/01/2024

- 10:34

The Rocket continues to be unhappy with how he is playing

Stephen Hendry has admitted Ronnie O'Sullivan's latest interview was 'hard to watch'.

Seven-time world champion Hendry claimed the Rocket appeared 'so down' following his World Grand Prix win over Zhou Yuelong.

O'Sullivan won his record-extending eighth Masters title with a 10-7 win over Ali Carter last Sunday.

He was back in action on Tuesday, beating China's Pang Junxu in the opening round of the World Grand Prix in Leicester.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan has sparked concern with his latest interview


His winning form continued on Thursday to progress through to the quarter-final stage, where he will face Gary Wilson.

But despite beating Zhou, O'Sullivan was again downbeat about his own performance.

The 48-year-old again reiterated he needed a break and said he isn't getting any enjoyment out of playing.

Reacting to the interview, Hendry admitted it was difficult to see his old adversary in such a low mood.

The pundit thought O'Sullivan put in a strong performance, even if he didn't think so himself.

Hendry told ITV: "In my last World Championship I made a 147 and there was only about six shots that I actually hit properly.

"I know what he means when you're still potting the balls, people from the outside are saying 'Oh my God you're playing well'.

"It's hard, even for Alan [McManus] and I, we're sitting in the green room watching and thinking the first two-and-a-half frames were immaculate.

"But yeah, only the player knows how he thinks he can cue and how he is hitting the ball.

"But it's very hard for people to watch that, having seen how well he's played and for Ronnie to be so down on his form."

Former Scottish star Alan McManus also gave an immediate response to O'Sullivan's interview.

He said: "It seems to be his defence mechanism that he will never ever praise himself.

"He never gets to watch himself, he's the only person [who doesn't].

"Yes he can watch it back on footage but he doesn't see what we see and what we're seeing his sustained brilliance in that match.

"For whatever reason, if he misses one shot, which he did in frame three the red across the end cushion, that can upset somebody.

"But there's no reason to be because, for normal people, he played incredibly."


Stephen Hendry

Stephen Hendry admitted Ronnie O'Sullivan's interview was hard to watch


O'Sullivan has won two Triple Crown events in a row despite not being happy with how he is playing.

He admits that he will consider his future if he cannot up his performance.

O'Sullivan said: "I’ve got to really consider whether I can carry on feeling how I’m feeling out there, I just don’t get any enjoyment the way I’m hitting the balls, I feel like it’s hard work.

"I ain’t got a clue where the balls are going, a lot of it is guess work.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan has not been happy with how he is playing despite winning


"The worst thing is I’m winning bloody tournaments!

"If I was losing, it would be an easier decision. I need a break at least.

"I’m getting no satisfaction from it. I’d rather cue well and lose than cue badly and win tournaments.”

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