Gary Lineker mocked by fans for comments on Luke Littler - 'Thought you were an expert on all things'

Gary Lineker mocked by fans for comments on Luke Littler - 'Thought you were an expert on all things'
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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 03/01/2024

- 14:25

The BBC presenter praised the young teenager on social media

Fans have mocked Gary Lineker after the BBC presenter admitted to knowing 'buggar all' about darts.

The Match of the Day host took to X on Tuesday night to praise Luke Littler, who is through to the final of the World Championship.

Lineker said: "I know bugger all about darts but Luke Littler might have a future.

"I mean, WOW!"

But fans have now mocked Lineker, reminding him he frequently talks about politics - despite often being told to stick to sport.

"Stick to politics Gary," said one user.

A second said: "The first 5 words, Gary, the first 5 words.....

"You now (sic) bugger all about politics but that doesn’t stop you," said a third fan.

"Thought you were an expert on all things," said a fourth.

"I think you should stick politics and stay out of darts," were the words of a fifth user.

A sixth simply said: "Grow up."

And a seventh said: "You're the same with football Gary."

Lineker did, however, sum up the mood of the nation with his tweet to Littler.

Fans all over the country are expected to tune in to his showdown with Luke Humphries on Wednesday night.

Littler, should he win, will become the youngest champion in the competition's entire history.

And darts legend Bobby George thinks he's capable of reigning supreme, despite Humphries being ranked as world No 1.

"He played excellent tonight. He had a 106 average which is very good," he told GB News.

"He was just unbelievable.

"It is absolutely marvellous reach the final. His whole life has been darts. So he's got his dream."


Gary Lineker Luke Littler

Gary Lineker has been mocked by fans after praising Luke Littler


He added: "He absolutely can win, he didn't just walk in to the PDC world darts.

"He was actually the Junior World champion.

"He's got to keep his feet on the ground and make sure he doesn't get too big headed, a bit cocky and knocked off his perch."

Littler, for his part, has admitted he was blown away after his sensational victory over Rob Cross on Tuesday night.

"No words! Crazy to think I'm in a World Championship final in my debut," he said.

Luke Littler

Luke Littler embraces his girlfriend as he prepares for the final of the World Darts Championship


"I was happy winning one game but I could go all the way!

"You're playing Rob, he's a world champion and won on debut. Rob told me 'God bless, you're a step away, do it'.

"I've just settled on the stage. It took me a few legs to settle in the game and once I found that rhythm I was good to go."

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