Eloise Milburn's mother defends relationship with Luke Littler ahead of WDC final - 'Very angry'

Eloise Milburn's mother defends relationship with Luke Littler ahead of WDC final - 'Very angry'

WATCH NOW: Luke Littler speaks amid sensational World Darts Championship form

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 03/01/2024

- 08:14

Rob Cross was beaten in the semi-finals of the competition on Tuesday night

The mother of Eloise Milburn has defended the 21-year-old's relationship with darts sensation Luke Littler.

Littler has been in the spotlight over the last two weeks and, on Tuesday night, hammered Rob Cross to make the final of the World Darts Championship.

It has since transpired that the 16-year-old is in a relationship with Milburn.

The pair supposedly met playing FIFA on the Xbox and have been dating for the past two weeks.

Eloise Milburn Luke Littler

Eloise Milburn has been dating Luke Littler for the past six weeks


Amid a five-year age gap, Milburn has faced scrutiny after details of their relationship became public.

That hasn't stopped her from cheering on Littler - with Milburn in the crowd for his sensational victory over Cross on Tuesday evening.

Yet Milburn's mother, Amanda, has defended the pair's relationship - admitting she and her husband, Phil, are 'very angry' about some of the comments they've seen.

"There’s been a lot of horrible stuff being posted online about my daughter and my husband Phil and I are very angry about it," she told the Daily Mail.

"Eloise has been accused of all sorts and that she’s only with Luke because of his money and fame.

"But that’s a total pack of lies and disgusting.

"She’s not with him for any of these reasons.

"She doesn’t care about his money or his fame, she’s with him because she likes him. It’s as simple as that."

She added: "It’s really hurtful when we read these comments, many of them from so called darts fans.

"My daughter is none of these things that these vile people are making out.

"She’s a lovely young girl who is in a new relationship and people should allow them to get on with things.

"Eloise has made it clear that she doesn’t want us going because she thinks things are still at an early stage between her and Luke.

"They’re in a growing relationship, not a very serious one although that might come later.

"I have asked her for tickets because me and Phil would love to see Luke in action, but Eloise just says: ‘Mum, please, I don’t want you meeting him just yet, it’s too soon.'

"I’ve never been to the World Darts Championship, and you would have thought that I’d be able to get a ticket now that my daughter is dating Luke, but sadly that’s not the case."


Eloise Milburn

Eloise Milburn has been cheering on Luke Littler at the World Darts Championship


Amanda also says she wants the pair to have privacy, too.

"They’ll need a bit of privacy once all this is over," she continued.

"But more than anything, I just want people to stop saying horrible things and let them get on with their new relationship."

Milburn is expected to be at Alexandra Palace for the final on Wednesday night.

And Luke Humphries stands in his way of glory.

Luke Littler

Eloise Milburn is set to attend the World Darts Championship final as Luke Littler looks to secure glory


Humphries has been impressed by Littler at Ally Pally so far - but insists he won't take his opponent lightly.

"The way he's played, I've seen it many times," he said.

"When you come up on this stage it can be a lot tougher but he's just proved he's got a lot of bottle.

"Nothing is going to faze him. If he plays like he did tonight, tomorrow is not going to faze him at all, so I will probably have to play the game of my life.

"I will probably have to play like that again to stand a chance of beating him."

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