BBC backlash as 'shameful' tweet about Oscar Pistorius sparks controversy after killer released on parole

BBC backlash as 'shameful' tweet about Oscar Pistorius sparks controversy after killer released on parole

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 05/01/2024

- 15:23

The 37-year-old is now set to start a new life outside of prison

The BBC has been criticised online after referring to Oscar Pistorius as a 'fallen hero'.

The 37-year-old shot and killed model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day back in 2013, opening fire four times.

Pistorius has now been released on parole, however, with a manslaughter charge previously upgraded to murder back in 2015.

At the peak of his athletic powers, the Paralympian was considered a role model for millions all over the world.

Oscar Pistorius

The BBC are being condemned for a tweet about Oscar Pistorius


Pistorius even raced against able-bodied athletes at the 2012 London Olympics.

The BBC have today published a piece with the headline: "Oscar Pistorius - the fallen hero and his future."

But fans have taken issue with the broadcaster using the word 'hero' to describe a convicted murderer.

"Seriously? He's a convicted murderer, who killed his girlfriend," said one user.

A second replied by saying: "Quite right. BBC News for Christ's sake... what has happened to it?"

A third said: "Someone shut down their social media.

"A lot of work to correct their headlines multiple times a day, every day."

A fourth dubbed the BBC as 'shameful', saying: "But don't you worry about this fallen hero and his future?

"Lucky he's got one. Because Reeva doesn't.

"The actual article isn't bad and is titled What Next for Oscar Pistorius?

"It is the BBC post that refers to 'fallen hero' that is shameful."

A fifth raged: "Fallen? That implies he did something noble or got into a sticky situation through no fault of his own.

"He didn't. He killed his partner."

A sixth said: "Just say you don't see women as fully human and go home."

And a seventh fumed: "Dear God, the BBC just can't help itself can it."


Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison on parole over a decade on from the murder of Reeva Steenkamp


As for Reeva, the late model's mother, June, has told the Daily Mail she has forgiven Pistorius due to her Christian faith.

However, she was keen to make clear that she wasn't doing it for his sake - and was merely looking for inner peace.

"My Christianity requires me to forgive," she said.

"I forgave Oscar a long time ago. I forgive for my own sake, not for his.

"Forgiveness does not mean he must not pay for what he has done.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius is now set for a new life after being released from prison on parole


"Oscar did not only take Reeva's life when he killed Reeva in cold blood, he also took Barry and my life. Our joy, our future grandchildren.

"He also took our privacy away.

"We have been criticised and insulted by some members of the public, who had victimised Barry and I, as if we had been the ones who did something wrong.

"(It was like) as if we had been the ones to pull the trigger four times through a closed door and killed an innocent person."

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