Michael Owen hasn't spoken to Alan Shearer in four years as ugly football feud laid bare

Newcastle news Michael Owen Alan Shearer

Newcastle news: Michael Owen and Alan Shearer pictured during happier times

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 26/10/2023

- 10:55

Updated: 26/10/2023

- 14:53

The two were once team-mates at Newcastle

Michael Owen has revealed he hasn't spoken to Alan Shearer in four years after their bitter fall-out in 2019.

The two retired footballers were once team-mates at Newcastle United.

Shearer was Newcastle's interim manager back in 2009 when they were relegated from the Premier League.

He briefly managed Owen during that stint and it was later claimed by former Toon coach Paul Ferris that the striker hadn't wanted to play in order to avoid injury - with his contract winding down.

Newcastle news Alan Shearer Michael Owen

Newcastle news: Alan Shearer briefly managed Michael Owen while working on Tyneside


Owen strongly denied the claims and insisted he had been eager to take part in Newcastle's crunch match with Aston Villa on the final day of the season.

In his autobiography, he explained his view on the matter by saying: "I told him (Shearer) I wasn't fully fit but was prepared to play.

"As I left his office that day, he made an insinuation that led me to believe he thought I had half an eye on my next contract.

"I'm not stupid — we both knew I was out of contract in a few weeks.

"It wasn't until three months later that I discovered Alan Shearer was apparently seething with me.

"Not only that, it transpired that he was telling anyone who'd listen what he thought of me."

Owen also said that he'd never wanted to join Newcastle all the way back in 2005.

And he also said Shearer's record as manager was 'dire', too.

"He was brought in at St James’ Park as the saviour, the local boy," he wrote.

"It could have been a great story. But he failed. Newcastle United were relegated.

"Perhaps rather than examine his own shortcomings, it felt easier to blame Michael Owen. When you analyse it, it all makes sense.

"Shearer’s record as manager in the last eight games of that 2008-2009 season was dire: lost 5, drew 2, won 1. These are hardly God-like stats."

Shearer furiously hit back on social media after Owen confessed he had hated the last seven years of his career.

He said: "Yes Michael, we thought that also, whilst on £120k per week…"

Owen responded by saying: "Not sure you are as loyal to Newcastle as you make out mate.

"I distinctly remember you being inches away from signing for Liverpool after Sir Bobby Robson put you on the bench.

"You tried everything to get out."

And Owen, speaking to DAZN BET, has now claimed he hasn't talked to Shearer since their ugly exchange.

"I haven't spoken to Alan Shearer since he criticised my book, no," he stated.

"Alan works at the BBC and I work on other channels, so we rarely cross paths.


Newcastle news Alan Shearer

Newcastle news: Alan Shearer was unable to save the club from relegation during his time as interim manager


"I would say hello and shake his hand, things like that, but no we haven't spoken since then."

Reports have even claimed Shearer and Owen, who have both worked for Amazon Prime, were sent to cover separate games while working for the channel.

Owen managed 30 goals from 79 matches during his time on Tyneside.

Shearer, meanwhile, bagged 206 goals from 405 matches prior to retiring in 2006.

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