Man Utd set record straight over Mason Greenwood delay with striker still in limbo

Man Utd Mason Greenwood

Man Utd are yet to make a final decision on Mason Greenwood's future

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/08/2023

- 13:27

The 21-year-old hasn't played for the club since January 2022

Manchester United insist any final decision on Mason Greenwood will be taken by Richard Arnold and the views of the club's women's team won't impact their decision.

The England striker was arrested in January 2022 for attempted rape and assault.

Greenwood denied all of the alleged offences, however. And, in February this year, charges were dropped.

United had originally planned to make a final decision on the forward before the start of the new Premier League season.

Mason Greenwood Man Utd

Mason Greenwood has scored 35 goals for Man Utd over his career so far


But The Athletic say that isn't the case, while clarity on the situation has been provided.

United 'insist the decision on Greenwood will be taken by Arnold' and will be based on the facts established by the club's investigation.

While the women's team will be consulted on the matter, their opinions will reportedly not influence the outcome.

United's female players will be informed, 'ideally as a collective', but 'their opinions will not govern what happens'.

The same can be said of the United fan advisory board, too.

That consists of a group of fans who are consulted by United on major issues on a quarterly basis.

As things stand, however, no final decision is imminent.

Players at the Women's World Cup are due to go on holiday after the tournament is done and that means another potential delay.

Indeed, the report says United may have to wait until the first international break in September before concluding the process.

A decision could come sooner, however, if the Red Devils are able to communicate with their women's team quicker than anticipated.

The report also says that United boss Erik ten Hag is open to having Greenwood back.

Prior to his arrest in January 2022 the striker was considered a player with vast potential.

Should Greenwood return to action at United, he'd compete with Rasmus Hojlund and Anthony Martial for a starting berth.

The player has been training with a private coach as he looks to resume his career in football.

Greenwood has become a father since his arrest and reports say the striker would love to play for United again, despite the obvious complexities involved.

Meanwhile, former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan recently said a loan move for Greenwood would make sense for everybody involved.

“There’s so much hypocrisy in this world," he said.

“Where this young man sits now is he’s no longer being charged.

"I argued this a while ago when we covered it about the presumption of innocence and the presumption of innocence is something we should have in real terms.

“But the court of public opinion will make its own decisions about what they heard and what they know about this young man.


Mason Greenwood Man Utd

Mason Greenwood had charges dropped against him in February this year


“That puts him in the way of a variety of challenges.

"One of them is Manchester United’s perception of its image around the world and the other is what he’s going to be subjected to, by the very nature of what we know to be a very blunt, cruel and often appraisal of anything football fans can get at to try and disadvantage a player.

“With all those factors in play, I think it’s a sensible move. It’s not kicking the can down the road.”

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