Jose Mourinho reveals bullying accusations, wanting to 'destroy' Liverpool and aims dig at former Man Utd man

Jose Mourinho reveals bullying accusations, wanting to 'destroy' Liverpool and aims dig at former Man Utd man

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 18/12/2023

- 08:17

Updated: 18/12/2023

- 08:57

The football manager is currently in charge of Italian side Roma

Jose Mourinho has opened up on a range of topics in a fresh interview, including his spells at Chelsea and Manchester United.

The Portuguese is currently working outside the Premier League, having been in charge of Roma ever since 2021.

Mourinho won three league titles during his spell in England, with all of those achieved at Chelsea.

He also claimed Europa League and Carabao Cup glory with Manchester United, while having a turbulent stint at Tottenham after his departure from Old Trafford.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho says he was accused of bullying a player during his mixed spell at Man Utd


Mourinho has now reflected on his time in the Premier League in an interview with the Obi One podcast.

While he's a serial winner, he also has a reputation for being a prickly figure to play under.

And Mourinho has revealed he was accused of bullying a player during his time at United, saying: "When I was at Man United, I changed a player at half time.

"I made a change and was accused of bullying."

Mourinho referenced when he substituted Nemanja Matic during his Chelsea stint, insisting players nowadays are different to before.

Matic was subbed on - and then subbed off - in a league match against Southampton in October 2015.

Mourinho added: "With Matic at Stamford Bridge, he was on the bench.

"I take him off around minute 70. That's education, that's coaching.

"That's doing anything to win. I had to (make the) change.

"I laugh about these times but it's different times (now). Even to be a dad, you have to be a different dad to how your dad was to you. You have to change according to the world."

Mourinho worked with Ed Woodward at United.

Woodward, who left his post last year, is blamed by many fans of the club for their current predicament.

And Mourinho has now aimed a dig at his former United superior by saying he would have loved to have worked alongside Richard Arnold, who replaced Woodward, instead.

"They still have a CEO who is an amazing person, who I would love to have had during my time there, that's Richard Arnold, who is probably now leaving," he continued.

"I had him as a Commercial Director, not a CEO, and I would love to have had him on my side in my time there, but the club wasn't easy. I don't have regrets because I gave everything.

Jose Mourinho Ed Woodward man Utd

Jose Mourinho has aimed a sly dig at former Man Utd chief Ed Woodward with Richard Arnold confession


"The Man United fans know I gave everything, they know how much I love the club.

"I went there once with Sky, I was in the box giving my comments and the whole stadium turned to me applauding and singing for me."

One of Mourinho's most memorable wins during his time in England was when Chelsea beat Liverpool 2-0 in 2014.

That all but ended Liverpool's hopes of winning the Premier League title.

And Mourinho has now shed light on why his Blues side were to eager to 'destroy' Liverpool's title hopes.

Jose Mourinho Chelsea Liverpool

Jose Mourinho has admitted Chelsea wanted to 'destroy' Liverpool title hopes in 2014


"It was nothing to do with Brendan [Rodgers, Liverpool manager at the time]," he revealed.

"In many fun moments, we used to call Brendan the special two. We had a very good relationship.

"What happened was, we were in the Champions League semi-final. We drew 0-0 with Atletico Madrid and we played at home on the second leg.

"And this game (against Liverpool) means nothing because we were going to finish second or third.

"I wanted to play the game on Friday night or Saturday. The Premier League didn't do that for us.


"We were crying, we were complaining, we were begging, and they were saying it was because of audiences, because of Sky, because of I don't know what.

"For us it was about reaching the Champions League final, but I couldn't go and play Liverpool with our Under 18s.

"It wouldn't have been fair to Man City for us to go there even with our second team, so we wanted to do things in the right way.

"We wanted to play on the Friday night or on Saturday at 12pm maximum. They didn't give us that, so when we went there, we went to destroy their party, and we went there like we were playing for the title, which we weren't, but we gave everything to try to win."

He added: "We played a fantastic match. Of course, Stevie G slipped, and he was the last person who deserved that to happen, but that's part of football and in reality we played so well."

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