Joey Barton destroyed by football fans after controversial Kyle Walker comment - 'The audacity'

Joey Barton destroyed by football fans after controversial Kyle Walker comment - 'The audacity'

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 20/03/2024

- 16:22

The outspoken ex-footballer believes the culture of the England team is wrong ahead of the Euros

Joey Barton has been ridiculed by fans on social media after the former footballer compared England star Kyle Walker to the singer Drake.

Barton received backlash after he criticised the 'culture' of the Three Lions team ahead of their friendly against Brazil.

Gareth Southgate's side are in training ahead of Saturday's match at Wembley, their penultimate game before this summer's Euros in Germany.

England are tipped by many to finally end 58 years of hurt but Barton clearly has other ideas on the team's chances of glory.

Joey Barton and Kyle Walker

Joey Barton has been ridiculed by football fans following a post about Kyle Walker


The 41-year-old reacted on X to a picture of England players in training on Wednesday.

Walker was in the forefront of the image, with Ivan Toney, Marcus Rashford and Jude Bellingham in the background.

Barton was not pleased with Walker's attire, with the Manchester City star donning an earring and leggings at St George's Park.

And he claimed the culture the likes of Walker were portraying would not lead to success at tournaments.

Barton wrote: "Culture is all wrong. Training in diamond earrings and leggings. Won’t win a sausage. 󠁧󠁿Too many weak, disingenuous men in positions of leadership.

"More a***d about looking like the rapper Drake than the great Bobby Moore."

He later reacted to an image of Bellingham, where he urged players to follow the Real Madrid star's lead.

Barton wrote: "No earrings, no leggings, proper kid. I hope they all follow him. He’s the best chance we have of winning anything.

"The rest of them, not worth a carrot. All wanting to be rappers."

But it was the initial post regarding Walker that saw a major response from X users.

Walker has won multiple Premier League titles during his time at Man City and was part of the Treble-winning team last term.

And fans were quick to compare his career to Barton, whose only winners medal in his career was winning the Championship on two occasions.


Ivan Toney and Kyle Walker

Joey Barton was not happy with the attire of Kyle Walker in England training


One user wrote: "The audacity of a guy who managed a single England cap, in a career where he is only remembered for poor discipline, grandstanding that arguably the best right back of his generation 'won’t win a sausage' because he’s wearing leggings in training is outstanding."

A second put: "Walker has literally won everything at club level worth winning."

A third posted "Also, I don’t think anyone should comment on elite football and elite footballers unless they have played to that level, @Joey7Barton, so perhaps stick to relegation dogfights and the championship."

A fourth wrote: "Interesting that he will win more this season than Barton did in his career, mind."

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker has played a major part in Man City's success in recent years


The ridicule of Barton did not stop there as fans questioned whether he was joking.

One put: "You spent the prime of your career at QPR and you are on this app talking about the work ethic of Kyle Walker, a guy who has won every single trophy at club level? Is this a joke?"

Another wrote: "I mean, he literally won the treble last season he must be doing something right."

One more wrote: "You were a footballer and touched the England team once, relax."

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