Erling Haaland camp call Roy Keane a 'fool' with feud set to continue between Man City star and Man Utd icon

Erling Haaland camp call Roy Keane a 'fool' with feud set to continue between Man City star and Man Utd icon

WATCH NOW: Sports round-up as Erling Haaland's camp dub Roy Keane a 'fool'

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 08/05/2024

- 10:05

Keane has been outspoken in his criticism of the Norwegian striker

Erling Haaland's camp believe Roy Keane is a 'fool' and 'bitter' amid the ongoing row between the two men.

After the goalless draw between Manchester City and Arsenal on Easter Sunday, Keane brutally compared the striker to a 'League Two striker' - raising eyebrows in the process.

The Irishman famously injured Haaland's father, Alfie, during a clash between City and Manchester United back in 2001.

Though Alfie played again just days later, his career never recovered after he was crocked by Keane.

Erling Haaland Roy Keane

Erling Haaland's camp believe Roy Keane is a 'fool' and 'bitter' amid his criticism of the Man City striker


Keane has since mischievously compared Haaland to a Championship striker, with the City star saying he doesn't care what the Sky Sports pundit has to say.

Yet the feud, it seems, is set to rumble on.

According to the Daily Mail, Keane has been called a 'fool' inside the Haaland camp for his strong criticism.

They also believe he is 'bitter' the City star has 'taken the world by storm', having fired the club to treble glory last season.

Yet one source insists Keane doesn't actually hold any grudges against Haaland or his father and that his criticism is merely for the cameras.

An insider is quoted as saying: "He's a pantomime villain - that's the role assigned to him.

"What Keane was alluding to was how he can use his body better.

"The whole League Two thing was said for effect but he has no problem with the Haaland family at all.

"He says a lot of things for effect without meaning it.

"Can you imagine him doing an advert dressed as a clown 10 years ago? Never. Now he knows exactly what he is doing."

Another source adds: The problem now is that it will keep going because Roy will never back down from anyone.

"You've got two high-profile people now not wanting to back down.

"People say it's petty but it's not coming from a place of hate or malice, it's just nobody blinking first."

Keane also said Haaland had behaved like a 'spoiled brat' when he was substituted by Pep Guardiola during City's 5-1 win over Wolves on Saturday.

The Norway international bagged four goals that day to boost his side's chances of winning a fourth Premier League title in a row.


Roy Keane Alfie Haaland

Roy Keane famously injured Alfie Haaland with a crunching tackle during a draw between Man Utd and Man City in 2001


But Haaland was visibly unhappy after being denied the chance to add to his haul.

The City star has suffered some injury issues this season - and Guardiola is pleased with the way he's bounced back to return to his usual goalscoring form.

The Spaniard said: “He was injured. To come back to his best form, he needs time.

"He is so tall. He’s not like Jeremy (Doku) or Phil (Foden).

“I’m happy for his performance and his exceptional goals, and the penalties as well because we know how sometimes they are not easy.

Erling Haaland Man City

Erling Haaland is looking to propel Man City to another Premier League title this season


“But the second and the fourth were unbelievable. I’m really pleased for him.”

City are next in action against Fulham on Saturday (12.30pm).

Haaland is set to start at Craven Cottage with the defending champions know they'll win the title again if they win all of their remaining games.

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