Mikel Arteta gives golden response to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville and reacts to 'unfair' Arsenal claim

Mikel Arteta gives golden response to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville and reacts to 'unfair' Arsenal claim

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 09/02/2024

- 15:22

The Spaniard has spoken on the flak his team have received in recent days

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has given a perfect response to criticism aimed at his team following the win over Liverpool - by insisting he hasn't seen any of it!

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville were critical of the Gunners for their celebrations after the victory at the Emirates last Sunday.

Arsenal beat top-of-the-table Liverpool 3-1 to pull themselves back into the Premier League title race.

Goals from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard punished Jurgen Klopp's out-of-sorts team and closed the gap at the top to two points.

Mikel Arteta, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville

Arsenal news: Mikel Arteta has given a golden response to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville


Liverpool legend Carragher and Manchester United hero Neville were co-commentating on the match in north London.

Carragher claimed Arsenal over-celebrated at the final whistle, while Neville said there was a level of immaturity among the squad.

The comments caused furore among other pundits and fans on TV channels and radio stations for a day or two after the match.

But speaking to the press for the first time since on Friday, Arteta admits he had not heard any of the negativity.

Asked if he was surprised by the fuss, Arteta said: "No because they told me today. So I didn’t know anything about it."

The reporter replied: "You didn't hear anything about it? You didn't hear Jamie Carragher say 'Go back down the tunnel?'."

Arteta says he loved the reaction from his players and said it is a common occurrence in the top flight.

He said: "No but I love it because I’ve seen managers at the Emirates away on their knees, inside the pitch.

"I've seen very big managers walking onto the pitch, I've seen managers going across the touchline.

"I've seen that all in the Premier League and personally I love it because it brings such a passion and emotion to the game.

"When it’s done in a natural and unique way, I think it's great.

"It's my opinion and a lot of people maybe have something very different to mine."

Carragher was particularly irked when Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard took a picture of club photographer Stuart MacFarlane among the celebrations.

Arteta again had no issue with the incident, adding: "That's something that happened there because there is a relationship, they do it every day here in the training ground as well.

"But people are entitled to have their opinion when you do something publicly.


Mikel Arteta

Arsenal news: Mikel Arteta says he didn't hear any of the criticism


"There are going to be opinions, some of them positive, some of them not so positive.

"That's our job, to accept all of that and to still behave like you think is the right way behave. And don't lose that, make sure we don't lose that."

Arteta also dismissed any claims that the celebrations showed a lack of maturity in winning a Premier League title.

He won two league titles during his role as assistant manager at Manchester City.

He responded: "If I think when I have won Premier Leagues somewhere else, the answer would be a big no. Because I have experienced it."

Martin Odegaard

Arsenal news: Martin Odegaard was criticised for his post-match celebrations


Some pundits have claimed that Arsenal are treated unfairly by the media compared to rival teams.

But Arteta has refuted those suggestions, saying: "I don't agree with that because, in my life, what I've heard in the last five days, is all positive.

"So if you want to hear all the negatives or the very positive parts, and I think there was this much of positivity [holding his hand high] and maybe a little bit of criticism. If you focus here [on the negatives], you only see that.

"I think it was an extremely positive reaction from our people. I don't have that impression [that Arsenal are treated unfairly] at all."

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