Michael Schumacher and how 2023 has been a devastating year of updates on F1 icon

Michael Schumacher and how 2023 has been a devastating year of updates on F1 icon

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 29/12/2023

- 07:30

The 54-year-old continues to be cared for by his family a decade after his tragic skiing accident

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Michael Schumacher's tragic, life-changing skiing accident.

The 54-year-old's life has been shrouded in secrecy in the decade since, with the German's condition currently unknown.

Schumacher was on holiday in the French Alps a decade ago when he decided to go skiing.

Tragedy struck, however, when the F1 icon crashed into a rock and hit his head.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher hasn't been seen in public since a tragic skiing accident in 2013


Schumacher was initially conscious but, while being airlifted to hospital, his condition deteriorated.

He was later placed in a medically induced coma and returned home in 2014. He has not been seen since, however, as Friday's heartbreaking anniversary nears.

The Schumacher family don't often update fans on the former Ferrari star. He kept their life private during his time in F1 - so they're returning the favour.

However, while that's the case, there have been several updates in 2023.

For years, the Schumacher family have been hopeful of a miracle. They miss the Michael of before, something wife Corinna and brother Ralf have both admitted.

Hope seems to be fading, however.

Close friend and journalist Roger Benoit used to smoke cigars with Schumacher after races.

And he said back in September that Schumacher was now a 'case without hope'.

"No," he told Blick when asked if he was able to provide an update on Schumacher and his condition.

"There is only one answer to this question and that is what his son Mick gave in one of his rare interviews in 2022: ‘I would give anything to talk to dad’.

"This sentence says everything about how his father has been doing for over 3500 days. A case without hope.”

One person close to the Schumacher family is Jean Todt.

Todt has revealed in the past that he's met Michael since his accident, with the pair watching Formula One together.

But he, like Benoit, has resigned himself to the fact that Schumacher will likely never recover from his catastrophic injuries.

Todt said recently: “Michael (Schumacher) is here, so I don't miss him. But he is not the Michael of before.


Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher hit his head on a rock while skiing in France in 2013


"He is different and he is wonderful manner assisted by his wife and children, who protect him.

"His life has changed and I am privileged to be able to share moments with him from time to time.

"There is nothing more to say.

"Unfortunately, fate struck ten years ago, and he is no longer the Michael we know from Formula 1."

Ralf Schumacher, meanwhile, has spoken twice in recent months.

Michael Schumacher Jean Todt

Michael Schumacher is visited by Jean Todt 10 years on from his skiing tragedy


He said in November that life wasn't fair, admitting the rest of the family were now getting on with their lives.

“Sometimes life isn’t fair, unfortunately. We have to accept it,” Ralf said.

“When I see his [Michael’s] kids, Gina-Maria and Mick, my heart smiles.

"If anyone in the family seeks my advice, I’m there. They’re making their way.”

And, earlier this week, Ralf admitted that he missed his brother and the way he used to be.

Michael Schumacher F1

Michael Schumacher is a F1 icon who won seven titles during the course of his career


“I miss my Michael from back then,” Ralf told Bild.

"Life is sometimes unfair.

"Michael had often been lucky in his life, but then this tragic accident happened.

"Despite modern medical options, nothing is as it used to be."

As the 10-year anniversary looms, Schumacher's privacy must be respected and the family left alone.

They deserve immense credit for the way they've protected the F1 icon who, 10 years on, is still fighting in private.

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