Lewis Hamilton eyes stunning £12m purchase with F1 star set to recharge batteries after difficult season

Lewis Hamilton F1

Lewis Hamilton is set to recharge his batteries after a difficult F1 season

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 27/11/2023

- 12:24

Updated: 27/11/2023

- 12:41

The Briton finished behind Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez this season but failed to win a single race

Lewis Hamilton has reportedly viewed a stunning £12million mansion as the F1 star prepares for some time off.

The 38-year-old sounded alarmingly downbeat after the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Hamilton finished ninth in that race and is now looking to recharge his batteries, having found the campaign 'emotionally draining'.

The Briton already has houses in Great Britain and Monaco, having accumulated a net worth of nearly £250million during his career.

Lewis Hamilton Los Angeles

Lewis Hamilton is eyeing a stunning mansion with views of the Los Angeles skyline


According to the New York Post, Hamilton is now eyeing a majestic mansion in the South Coast as he looks to expand his property empire.

It's claimed he has viewed a six-bedroom house in Los Angeles, which is worth roughly £12m.

The property in question is 8,500 square feet and comes with a flat backyard and stunning views of the city.

It is located in the Hollywood Hill and near the Sunset Strip and West Hollywood.

The modern home is said to feature vaulted ceilings, wood-panel details and 'floor-to-ceiling pocket glass doors connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.'.

The property also has an open living and dining area, as well as a chef's kitchen.

It comes with a screening room for films and a main bedroom which boasts a double-sided fireplace, wrap balcony, walk-in closet and spa-like bath.

It is currently unclear if Hamilton has tabled an offer for the mansion.

Yet it'll certainly make for a happy resting place now the current F1 season has come to an end.

The Briton was negative after the event in Abu Dhabi, with Max Verstappen winning a 19th race of the season.

"Not particularly," he told Sky Sports when asked if he takes any satisfaction from Mercedes finishing second in the constructors' championship.

"Not too much. It's not been a great year in general.

"The fact I survived it [is the biggest positive for him to take]. Probably that's about it."

When quizzed on if he can challenge Red Bull next season, he added: "At this moment, I don't really know.

"For Red Bull to win by 17 seconds and they haven't developed their car since August is definitely a concern.

"We have learned a lot about the car and it's just down to the team now.

"They know what they need to do. Whether or not we will get there, we will see."

F1 pundit Damon Hill has reacted to Hamilton's comments and admitted he's worried about the veteran's state of mind.

"I mean Lewis is often like that after a race that has not delivered what he wanted,” he said.

“George [Russell] managed to get something out of this weekend, he had a difficult time.

Lewis Hamilton F1 news

Lewis Hamilton toiled at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday


"It’s been a long hard year, he’ll bounce back after that.

“But the worrying thing is when Rachel [Brookes] asked him about hope on what’s coming, he wasn’t effervescent about it.

"I think on reflection I’m sure they will come back, they’ve got to have learnt something from the last two seasons."

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