Christian Horner 'flying to Bahrain right now' as Red Bull set to confirm findings of investigation

Christian Horner 'flying to Bahrain right now' as Red Bull set to confirm findings of investigation

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 28/02/2024

- 10:36

The F1 chief is on his way to Bahrain for the first race of the season

Christian Horner is reportedly flying to Bahrain now as Red Bull prepare to announce the findings of the investigation into the team principal.

It is claimed that the 50-year-old is currently not aware of what the outcome is after he denied allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague.

Red Bull immediately opened an independent investigation into the matter in early February after the female employee lodged a complaint against Horner.

Horner had a lengthy meeting with a barrister at a secret location on February 9 and has continued in his role as usual in the last few weeks.

Christian Horner

Christian Horner is currently flying to Bahrain as Red Bull prepare to confirm findings


He was present at Red Bull's car launch on February 15, where he again denied the allegations, and was in Bahrain for testing last week.

Red Bull are preparing for the first race of the season, which takes place in Bahrain this Saturday.

The drivers are already in the country as they gear up for first practice on Thursday but Horner is yet to arrive.

Sky Sports News claimed on Wednesday morning that Horner is currently in the air as he flies to the Middle East.

However, it is also reported that Horner is still none the wiser as to what the outcome of the investigation will be.

Sky reporter Craig Slater said: "What I can reveal is that Christian Horner is on a plane and is flying over to Bahrain now. So he is on his way here.

"What I can also tell you, and I know this for a fact, he does not know the outcome of this investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour to a female member of staff.

"So he has come here without knowing how this has been resolved one way or the other.

"It's I suppose a continuation of him saying it's business as usual, that he denies the allegations and that he wants to continue with his job.

"So that's the very latest on this, he should arrive here this evening."

Red Bull are expected to announce the outcome of the investigation by the end of Wednesday.

The investigation concluded earlier this week and a report of over 100 pages has been submitted to the company's bosses in Austria.


Sergio Perez and Christian Horner

Christian Horner has continued as usual in recent weeks as Red Bull team principal


Red Bull have been put under pressure to make a decision by Ford, who will provide their engines from 2026.

In a letter obtained by Associated Press, Ford CEO Jim Farley wrote to Red Bull: "As we have indicated previously, without satisfactory response, Ford’s values are non-negotiable.

"It is imperative that our racing partners share and demonstrate a genuine commitment to those same values.

"My team and I are available at any time to discuss this matter. We remain insistent on, and hopeful, for a resolution we can all stand behind."

Christian Horner

Red Bull have been under pressure to make an announcement on Christian Horner


Farley went on to say that Ford are "increasingly frustrated, however, by the lack of resolution or clear indication from you about when you anticipate a fair and just resolution of this matter.

"We are likewise frustrated by the lack of full transparency surrounding this matter with us, your corporate partners, and look forward to receiving a complete account of all findings."

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