Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua branded 'two losers' with brutal verdict delivered after Oleksandr Usyk defeats

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua branded 'two losers' with brutal verdict delivered after Oleksandr Usyk defeats

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 22/05/2024

- 13:09

Updated: 22/05/2024

- 13:10

Both men have failed to beat the Ukrainian

Carl Froch has brutally branded Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua 'two losers', with both men unable to beat Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua was unable to get the better of the Ukrainian in showdowns in 2021 and 2022.

And Fury was beaten on points by the 37-year-old on Saturday, with the Gypsy King suffering the first defeat of his professional career.

Fans around the world would love to see Fury and Joshua finally lock horns after years of speculation.

Tyson Fury Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have been branded 'two losers' by Carl Froch


But Froch has branded the duo 'two losers', with the former boxing star believing hunger for the fight has died down in the wake of the weekend's enthralling action.

"I'm not surprised Fury’s activated the rematch clause, where else can he go?" he told Lord Ping.

"Does anyone want to see Fury and Anthony Joshua - it's two losers isn't it? You've got two losers there fighting over second place.

"It would have been huge if Fury beat Usyk, but now it's two losers in a rubber match.

"I'm not that excited about it, if Nottingham Forest are playing I'm watching that instead.

"Fury should try and rectify the defeat to Usyk.

"I think he needs to rectify the loss if he's going to be remembered as a top fighter of the era.

"To be remembered the best, he's going to have to beat Usyk."

The weekend's fight took place at the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia.

But Froch thinks Fury would have come out on top if the clash had been hosted at Wembley instead.

He added: "A fight for the heavyweight undisputed titles in Saudi, come on, it felt flat didn't it?

"The whole thing was flat, a fight of that magnitude warranted an atmosphere.

"I go to a boxing match for the atmosphere, the noise, the passionate crowd and the euphoria of being at a live event.

"With a better atmosphere, maybe Tyson would have started a bit quicker. And maybe he would have been lifted when he had success in rounds five and six.

"If that fight was at Wembley stadium, would he have upped his game when he had Usyk hurt with that uppercut? I think so, the Wembley crowd would have lifted him.


Anthony Joshua Oleksandr Usyk

Anthony Joshua has failed to beat Oleksandr Usyk twice during his career


"In the last three rounds there was no noise.

"I think Fury could have beaten Usyk if the fight was at Wembley. If that fight was at Wembley Stadium we would have gotten more out of Fury, it would have lifted him to the next level in a close fight.

"When I fought Kessler I went for the finish in the later rounds, that was because of the crowd.

"When I battered Lucian Bute in Nottingham, that was the crowd helping because they were going crazy.

"There's a strong argument that if that fight was at Wembley Stadium Fury would have beaten Usyk because of the crowd behind him."

Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury lost to Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia on Saturday - but Carl Froch thinks the bout would have played out differently if it was hosted at Wembley


John Fury has been criticised in some corners for interfering as Fury lost to Usyk on Saturday.

And Froch believes the 59-year-old shouldn't have been providing instructions during the bout.

"John Fury interfering in Tyson's corner could have been the difference between winning and losing," he said.

"His coach Sugar Hill knows everything about the game, he was trying to give him instructions. How can Tyson focus on SugarHill and take on those instructions when he's got John Fury shouting down his ear and talking s**t to him through the ropes, it's impossible.

"You can't listen to two people at once. That could have been the difference between winning and losing in a close fight, that interference in the corner could have cost Tyson the fight."

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