Jake Paul warned he's 'never faced anybody who punches like him' ahead of controversial Mike Tyson fight

Jake Paul warned he's 'never faced anybody who punches like him' ahead of controversial Mike Tyson fight

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 21/05/2024

- 09:50

The two men will face off in Texas later in the year

Evander Holyfield has warned Jake Paul he's never fought anyone as tough as Mike Tyson as the two men prepare to clash later in the year.

It was confirmed back in March that Tyson would be coming out of retirement to face Paul, four years after his showdown with Roy Jones Jr in 2020.

Tyson will be 58 by the time the clash takes place.

Yet he's wowed fans with footage of himself hitting the pads in training and appears to be taking the fight extremely seriously.

Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Jake Paul is currently preparing for the fight of his life against Mike Tyson


Holyfield knows all about Tyson, with the two men previously fighting in 1996.

Tyson bit the ear of his opponent that night in one of boxing's most-unforgettable moments.

And Holyfield has warned Paul he's set for the toughest test of his career, with the 61-year-old telling Fight Hub TV: “It might be over [if Tyson catches him] because he has never fought anybody who punches like Mike.”

Not everybody is happy with the fight going ahead.

Tyson, while a formidable boxer in his prime, is going up against a man 30 years his junior.

There are fears the boxing icon could tarnish his legacy if he slumps to defeat.

Yet Holyfield believes Tyson's standing in the sport is safe, no matter what happens.

“Personally, I wouldn’t take it that way," he added.

“This man fought his whole life for whatever reason he chose to fight.

"We already know he is not going to be as quick as him, but if he catches him, we know that you don’t lose your strength [with age].”

And Holyfield also thinks Tyson is capable of winning, too.

“I think that’s pretty much all he can catch him with is a left hook or a right hand," he continued.

"Mike knows you don’t have to hit a guy in the face all the time.”

Meanwhile, both Tyson and Paul will be competing over unconventional two-minute rounds later in the year.

The clash has been sanctioned as a professional bout, though rules are being modified for the showdown in Texas.


Evander Holyfield

Jake Paul has received a warning from Evander Holyfield ahead of his huge fight with Mike Tyson


And Tyson, speaking last week, explained the shorter rounds by saying: I wanted shorter rounds for more action.

"If we have shorter rounds, we’ll fight more. More action."

The 57-year-old also admitted he wants to 'shut the sporting world down' by showing age is just a number.

When asked about criticism surrounding the fight, he said: "The people who said [it shouldn't go ahead] wish they were up here.

"Because no one else can do it.

Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson recently spoke in New York City ahead of their fight later in the year


"Who else can do this? Who else can shut the sporting world down, no one else can do it. So you got the both of us.

"We're friends, but in that ring we're not going to be friends."

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