Tyson Fury rumour debunked ahead of Oleksandr Usyk boxing fight with Gypsy King 'the head of the snake'

Tyson Fury rumour debunked ahead of Oleksandr Usyk boxing fight with Gypsy King 'the head of the snake'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 02/04/2024

- 13:59

The 35-year-old will return to the ring in May for the first time since his narrow victory over Francis Ngannou last year

Johnny Nelson has now debunked his own claims that he had a mole in Tyson Fury's camp ahead of the Briton's fight with Oleksandr Usyk in May.

Nelson previously claimed he had somebody sharing inside information on the 35-year-old.

The former boxing star has been critical of Fury, with the Gypsy King struggling when he fought Francis Ngannou back in October.

But Nelson has now admitted he 'put some seasoning' on his initial claims - though insists he wasn't wrong to do so.

Boxing news Tyson Fury

Boxing news: Tyson Fury didn't have a mole in his camp after all with Johnny Nelson setting the record straight


Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: "Do you wanna know who the mole is? His dad and his brother - they are the mole.

"Because listen, I said nothing his dad hasn't said.

"I've said nothing his brother hasn't said, okay I might have sprinkled a bit of seasoning on it, but what I'm saying is it's on record - his dad was saying the camp's this, that and the other.

"It's on record his brother's said there's too many back-slappers there."

Nelson then admitted Tyson is the 'head of the snake'.

And he expressed a belief the 35-year-old is surrounded by people who only tell him what he wants to hear, instead of anything more constructive.

"Tyson's not an idiot, but Tyson is the head of the snake - so they've all got to behave themselves because they want to stay on that payroll," he added.

"So they're gonna tell him what they think [he wants to hear] to ingratiate themselves around him.

"His brother and his dad - they're his [real] people and they don't like these people that are around, and they're not happy.

"But them people that are around are thinking, 'I'm getting paid good, so I'm gonna tell you what you want.'

"I don't dislike Tyson Fury, I just call out his BS, I don't dislike him.

"Those people around him are saying, 'Johnny Nelson this, Johnny Nelson that,' I don't dislike Tyson Fury because I think he's the best heavyweight in the world.

"But you've got people in your ear chatting foolishness just because that fits their agenda.

"Listen to your dad, listen to your brother - they are the ones speaking the truth, they're the moles."

Nelson has also previously claimed Fury's 'legs are gone' following his narrow win over Ngannou in October.


Boxing news Johnny Nelson

Boxing news: Johnny Nelson has refused to back down despite admitting he 'put some seasoning' on Tyson Fury mole claims


But Fury's father, John, raged over those comments back in December and defended his son for the way he performed last time out.

“They’re full of s**t. Forget them. They’re haters. Shut up. God Almighty," he ranted.

"You know what I’m amazed at? How little these so-called boxing experts actually know about their job.

"Ngannou is built like a tree and the kid can fight.

"It’s not how bad they want to look at Tyson. Tyson was okay.

Boxing news Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

Boxing news: Tyson Fury will go to war with Oleksandr Usyk in May


"It’s how good the other kid was. Give Ngannou credit. He brought the action and he’s a man mountain.

“I think Tyson did very well, but the game plan could’ve been better.

"A lot of things could’ve been better, but I know my soon, he can get it right next time can’t he.”

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