Boxing star Tyson Fury fears wife Paris dying if they have more children - 'It's too hard'

Boxing Tyson Fury

Paris Fury has opened up on her relationship with husband Tyson

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 03/10/2023

- 10:06

The couple welcomed their seventh child last month

Paris Fury has revealed her husband, Tyson, fears she could die if they have any more children.

The couple now have a brood of seven, with baby boy Price Rico Paris born last month.

Fury has previously revealed a desire to have 11 children, saying in 2021: "Paris became my girlfriend when she was 15 and me 16.

"When time came for marriage, I asked her how many children she wanted. She said 10.

Paris Fury boxing

Paris Fury has long supported husband Tyson amid his boxing career


"I said that will do for me.

"Now we’ve decided to go for one more. Make it 11."

Now, however, Paris has revealed her husband fears having more children following the traumatic birth of their youngest daughter, Athena.

The two-year-old stopped breathing shortly after she was born and needed resuscitating.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Paris said: "Every time we have another he says, ‘No more Paris! It’s too hard!’ He gets emotional and says, ‘You could die’ because of what happened with Athena."

She added: "But then the child will get to nursery age and I always think ‘Oh I’d like a newborn!’ I’ve always wanted a big family.

"I had a lot of hesitation after Athena’s birth. Tyson and I talked about it and he was actually more worried than me.

"But I just had this urge to have another baby."

Paris also said that the scare with Athena was just a 'fluke' - and that her newborn son is doing well.

"I spoke to a lot of specialists, but it turns out that with Athena it was just a fluke," she continued.

"Thank god this one has come along and he’s perfectly healthy and it went as good as can be."

Paris has been induced with each of her children.

And she's shed light on suffering with a condition called Cholestasis, saying: "I have a condition when I’m pregnant called Cholestasis.

"Where the digestive fluid produced by the liver is affected.

"I had itchy hands and feet during pregnancy which is one of the symptoms.

"It can be highly dangerous, so pregnant women get induced a bit early.

"All of my children have arrived earlier than their expected due date, most of them have been born two-three weeks early.

"I knew my date in advance and I knew I would be inducted.

"I don’t have C-sections, it’s what I’ve always done."

As for Fury, the boxer is preparing for his upcoming showdown with UFC star Francis Ngannou.


Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury is preparing for his boxing showdown with Francis Ngannou


The two men will do battle in Saudi Arabia at the end of this month.

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