How Ashes icon Stuart Broad met Mollie King after England hero explains retirement reaction

Ashes Stuart Broad Mollie King

Ashes icon Stuart Broad first met Mollie King back in 2012

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 03/08/2023

- 14:03

Updated: 03/08/2023

- 15:14

The 37-year-old is set to leave the sport behind in order to become a commentator

As Stuart Broad bowled out of cricket on Monday, fiancee Mollie King was there cheering from the sidelines.

The couple are currently in the spotlight after the England bowler confirmed he'd be retiring from cricket - before helping England beat Australia in the final Test match of his career.

Broad, speaking on Sky Sports, revealed Mollie was full of support for his decision.

He said: "I FaceTimed Mollie on the Friday night and she just said 'you have got to follow your heart. Just go with whatever you are thinking and I'll support you either way'.

Mollie King Stuart Broad cricket Ashes

Mollie King and Stuart Broad first met back in 2012


"I put the FaceTime down and just went to Stokes' room, shook his hand and said 'that's me. It's been an absolute pleasure to play with you as a team-mate and a friend. You've been a dream captain, so thank you'."

The relationship has seen the duo dubbed cricket's very own version of Posh and Becks - or Victoria and David Beckham, if you'd prefer.

So, with that being the case, it's time to wind the clock back.

Broad and Mollie originally met back in 2012 after being introduced through mutual friends.

However, the pair wouldn't end up dating for another six years after the former Saturdays singer appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

After five months of dating, The Sun reported a split. An insider was quoted as saying: “Mollie and Stuart’s romance has fizzled out. Their schedules are packed and it’s not been easy to see each other often.

“It wasn’t working so they went their separate ways. There are no hard feelings.”

However, in 2019, they rekindled their relationship.

The duo ended up jetting off to Barbados and they've only grown closer in the time since.

Then, on New Year's Day in 2021, Broad proposed.

Mollie then took to Instagram to share a picture of her engagement ring, saying: "A thousand times yes! I still can’t believe it, the most magical start to the new year! I can’t wait to spend all my years with you."

And Broad later said of his proposal: “Our favourite view in London is on Richmond Hill.

"It was 8.30 in the morning. I thought everyone might be having a lie-in, and I said we were just going for a walk with Alfie, our toy poodle.

“Now, we’ll always have the connection with that view.”

Back in June 2022, the duo confirmed their pregnancy. Later on, in November, baby Annabella was born.

Mollie and Annabella were both in attendance as Broad bowed out of cricket in style on Monday.

And the former Saturdays singer revealed in the aftermath of England's win that the tot could become a cricketer like her father.

"I'm sure she'll get into the cricket when she's older - let's see if she has a little bandana, if Stuart's got anything to do with it I'm sure she will," she said.

"He came home the other day with a little Ashes England shirt that had Broad on the back, so adorable.


"He's hand on and he adores her and she adores him, her little face lights up when he comes in the door."

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