Donald Trump’s bold plan to ‘return to the moon’ outlined by professor

Donald Trump’s bold plan to ‘return to the moon’ outlined by professor
Donald Trump’s bold plan to ‘return to the moon’ outlined by professor
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 23/05/2024

- 16:57

Greg Autry joined Patrick Christys on GBN America

Donald Trump has a bold plan to return to the moon, according to a clinical professor.

Greg Autry joined Patrick Christys on GBN America to discuss the former President’s space ventures, which he says were extensive.

He says that while Joe Biden’s administration has carried on much of the work initiated by Trump, it has done so to a lesser extent.

“The Trump administration did more to advance space travel in the US since the 1960s, the Kennedy era. We committed to returning to the Moon.

Donald Trump and Greg Autry


“We established a US Space Force to focus our capabilities and people in that domain for success.

“We reestablished the National Space Council. There were a number of other initiatives, it was a comprehensive move forward.

“Every Trump initiative in space has been continued in the Biden administration but with less enthusiasm.”

Asked why such operations are so important, he said: “When you think about the resource limitations which we’re beginning to see on Earth to some degree, you have to look to somewhere else.

“Space has a lot of the things we really need. We want to make sure we’re in a position to get to those resources before our competitors, frankly, China, tie them up.”

In 2020, Trump signed an executive order stating America has the right to explore and use resources from outer space.

The moon

The moon could be harvested for many resources


It’s said that a number of important resources can be harvested on the Moon, which has not been ventured to since 1972.

The last crewed mission was Apollo 17 which broke records such as the longest space walk and the longest lunar landing.

According to Autry, Trump sought to do similar and could do the same if he regains the White House.

But he could face competition, with the professor claiming Russia and China are making significant strides.

Detailing the progression from Putin's Russian military amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Autry revealed that Putin is "preparing to deploy" nuclear weapons.

Autry told GBNA: "China and Russia are moving aggressively.

“Russia in particular appears to be preparing to deploy nuclear weapons in space that will be designed to create electromagnetic pulse effects to destroy other nation satellites.

"This is a serious concern."

Autry also warned global governments not to "make a mistake" in space, and the world "needs the military advantage" in space, "whether we like it or not".

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