'Sophie is the Royal Family's secret weapon!' Royal expert praises Duchess of Edinburgh for Ukraine visit

'Sophie is the Royal Family's secret weapon!' Royal expert praises Duchess of Edinburgh for Ukraine visit

'Sophie is the Royal Family's secret weapon!' Royal expert praises Duchess of Edinburgh

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 30/04/2024

- 13:36

The Duchess of Edinburgh has become the first member of the Royal Family to visit Ukraine since the Russian invasion

A royal commentator has branded Sophie Wessex "the Royal Family's secret weapon" after she became the first royal to visit Ukraine since Russia's invasion.

The Duchess of Edinburgh, 59, visited Ukraine at the request of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Speaking on GB News, Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield said: "Sophie has been coined the Royal Families secret weapon as of late.

"Her path was not the easiest one but she is living proof that patience is a virtue. If you work hard and stay focused your time to shine will come.

Duchess of EdinburghThe Duchess of Edinburgh is visiting UkraineGetty

"She was under immediate scrutiny when she hit the scene because she was a self made career woman. A young woman, who was incredible successful, she was a commoner.

"She looked so similar to Princess Diana when she was younger. So they were constantly pit against each other when it came to beauty and fashion.


"She tried and failed the half in half out route. But unlike you know who, she ultimately chose the family. And despite some of that chaos, she was rewarded for her loyalty.

"So, I think that the King very much believes in the Duchess of Edinburgh and is so grateful for her contribution, we saw real leadership with her today."

She added: "The late Queen's favourite daughter in law also meeting with President Zelensky.

"During her surprise stop, she spoke to survivors of sexual violence and torture and heard from children who'd been returned to Ukraine after being separated from their families.

Kinsey Schofield

Kinsey Schofield referred to Sophie Wessex as the Royal Family's 'secret weapon'

GB News

"When she met with President Zelensky, she gave him a private note from the king, and they discussed how to support these survivors of sexual assault and conflicts.

"I know some people might criticise this move as political, but this was without a doubt a very courageous visit from Sophie.

"There are no guarantees in the middle of war, and it does just tell you how much faith His Majesty has in his sister in law."

Kinsey also pointed out the similarities between Sophie and the Princess of Wales.

Sophie Wessex

Sophie Wessex is the Royal Family's "secret weapon"


She said: " I think that they understood the assignment. I think that these are two people who respect the monarchy and grew up in families that admired the family and understood what the ultimate objective was.

"That is to serve others. When you prioritise other people and you realise that the job is bigger than yourself, I think that you can create wonderful opportunities, elevate some of these charities and change the world, make the world a better place."

The Royal Family has been unusually outspoken in its support of Ukraine, with King Charles marking the second anniversary of the invasion in February by warning of the "indescribable aggression" and the "unprovoked attack" by Russia.

Soon after the start of the war in 2022, Charles, then Prince of Wales, visited Ukrainian refugees who had come across the border into Romania.

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