Royal fans left baffled by new portrait of King Charles

King Charles

There is a new portrait of His Majesty The King

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 02/11/2023

- 20:00

There is a new portrait of His Majesty The King

Royal fans have been left baffled by a new "strange" portrait of King Charles III.

The new portrait is by the acclaimed artist, Stuart Pearson Wright, and it is part of his new Miscellanalects exhibition.

Many fans took to social media to criticise the seemingly unflattering depiction of the monarch.

One royal watcher posted on X: "This is more of a caricature than a portrait."

King Charles

King Charles's new portrait has mixed reviews

Stuart Pearson Wright, courtesy of Flowers gallery

Another added: "That looks a bit strange."

Someone commented: "Dear God. He approved that?"

"He looks curiously passive," another fan said.

The portrait will be part of Stuart Pearson Wright's new exhibition Miscellanalects until November 25 at the Flowers Gallery in Cork Street, London.

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The artist has previously painted Keira Knightley, Daniel Radcliffe and Rosamund Pike.

Wright is also a BP Portrait Award winner and is considered one of the country's most figurative painters.

This style of painting includes strong references to the real world in its style, rather than being overtly flattering.

This explains why King Charles's image has emphasised features.

King Charles

King Charles on his royal tour of Kenya


King Charles

King Charles is turning 75 next week


The new Miscellanalects exhibition takes inspiration from British folklore and ancient mythology.

The King's portrait will be presented alongside several other mythical characters.

Wright's work has been described as "uncanny" and "theatrical" by many in the past.

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