Andrew Pierce questions ‘putting George, Louis and Charlotte’ through key royal occasion: ‘Why would they want that?’

Andrew Pierce questions ‘putting George, Louis and Charlotte’ through key royal occasion: ‘Why would they want that?’

Andrew Pierce questions ‘putting George, Louis and Charlotte’ through key royal occasion

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 30/05/2024

- 14:21

The Prince and Princess of Wales will decide if their children are attending Trooping the Colour

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GB News host Andrew Pierce has asked "why would they want that" as Prince William and Princess Kate ponder whether their children should attend Trooping the Colour.

As the Princess of Wales remains out of the public eye, the couple need to decide if their children will attend the major palace event.

Trooping the Colour is traditionally held every June to celebrate the King's birthday with senior members of the Royal Family in attendance.

Speaking about whether the Wales children will be attending, Andrew said: "Why would those children want to be put through that?

George, Louis and CharlottePrince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte usually attend the King's birthday parade each year PA

"Look, it's a lovely, important occasion and it celebrates the monarch's official birthday. What's more interesting is whether the King is there because of his health."

He also wondered whether it is likely that the Princess of Wales will attend after she stepped back from royal duties due to her cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Co-host Bev Turner said: "I don't think the Princess of Wales will be there, not in June, but it would be really nice to see the children. We would love to see them."

She later added: "I think if the Royal Family have got any sense, they will do what the Royal Family is meant to do for the British public, which is to come out from time to time and be the, I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but to be the little people in the doll's house that we like to play with, that is the role that they serve to the British public."

Andrew noted: "It's a spectacle and for the little ones, it is quite a spectacle because of the horses, and the military uniforms, they will probably enjoy it."

In the second episode of GB News’ new royal podcast The Royal Record, GB News’ Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker and Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen discussed the King’s birthday parade.

Andrew Pierce asked why they would want to be "put through" that

GB News

Svar noted that Prince Louis often “steals the show” during the parade with his “cheeky” behaviour and asked Cameron if he thinks we will see the young royals this year.

Cameron said: “I suspect we probably will because we saw Prince George with his father at the FA Cup Final at the weekend.

“So William’s clearly okay for them to be out and about and the Trooping is something they’ve done pretty much every year.

“I suspect they probably would do it without their mother as well. Everyone loves seeing cheeky Louis on the balcony.

William, Kate, George, Charlotte and Louis

It is unlikely that Kate Middleton will attend


“The Queen disclosed that he’s a little bit of a handful as we perhaps have seen in previous years.”

In 2022, Prince Louis was pictured holding his ears on the balcony during a part of the flypast as part of Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee celebrations.

Cameron continued: “I think it would be nice to see the royal children on that balcony because it has been a pretty tough six months for the Royal Family and I think the British public would really appreciate seeing them.

“But it is clearly up to William and Catherine - they are very young children and if it is too much for them with the princess’s condition I suspect the British public won’t be too upset."

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