Royal Family website crashes after Russian hackers target Firm with 'cyber attack'

King Charles

King Charles

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 01/10/2023

- 11:06

Updated: 01/10/2023

- 13:41

Hackers from Killnet claimed responsibility for the chaos on the social media platform Telegram

The Royal Family's website has crashed after Russian hackers claimed responsibility for a cyber attack.

Killnet, which is a pro-Kremlin hacker group, appeared to reveal it had targeted the Firm.

The group's leader, known as Killmilk, posted about the seemingly successful cyber "attack" at 10.23am this morning.

The Royal Family's website is currently displaying an error message.

A stock image of a hacker

A stock image of a hacker


GB News understand the Royal Family website was down due to a "denial of service attack".

Such attacks, where website's are bombarded with traffic, differ from hacks.

There has also been no access to royal IT systems or content.

Buckingham Palace insiders also suggest it is impossible to say at this stage who is responsible.

Killnet was believed to have been launched in March 2022, around the same time as Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


An image of Prince William, Princess Kate and the couple's three children

An image of Prince William, Princess Kate and the couple's three children


A note from the US Department of Health and Human Services referred to Killnet as a "hacktivist group".

It added: "KillNet is a pro-Russian hacktivist group active since at least January 2022 known for its DDoS campaigns against countries supporting Ukraine, especially NATO countries since the Russia-Ukraine war broke out last year.

"DDoS is the primary type of cyber-attack employed by the group which can cause thousands of connection requests and packets to be sent to the target server or website per minute, slowing down or even stopping vulnerable systems.

"While KillNet’s DDoS attacks usually do not cause major damage, they can cause service outages lasting several hours or even days.

Another stock hacker image

Another stock hacker image


"Although KillNet’s ties to official Russian government organizations such as the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) or the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) are unconfirmed, the group should be considered a threat to government and critical infrastructure organizations including healthcare."

Killnet targeted members of the Royal Family in a separate cyber attack last November.

Prince William and Princess Kate were the pair impacted during last year's incident.

Killnet added: "Today it does not work, perhaps this is due to the supply of high-precision missiles to Ukraine!"

The Daily Telegraph separately reported that hackers in Russia and Iran might try to disrupt King Charles III's Coronation in May.

The Metropolitan Police foiled a plot to impact the Prince and Princess of Wales' wedding in 2011.

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