King Charles has 'proved people wrong': Rudy Giuliani gives his take on the Royal Family

King Charles (left) and Rudy Giuliani (right(

King Charles (left) and Rudy Giuliani (right)

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 01/10/2023

- 08:00

The 79-year-old provided his take on the key members of the Royal Family

King Charles has “proved people wrong” since replacing Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has told GB News.

Charles, 74, succeeded his mother last September after Elizabeth spent a record-breaking 70-years as the UK’s monarch.

Giuliani suggested expectations for the new King were low but Charles has managed to exceed all expectations.

He said: “I think there were a lot of doubts about Charles but I think he’s been much better than people thought.”

The former Big Apple Mayor, 79, who also spoke about Meghan Markle's White House hopes, went on to claim Prince William will make a “great King”.

Commenting about support for the Prince of Wales on the other side of the pond, Giuliani added: “They sure became fans of his [William’s] mum.

“And the more he emulates her, which he does, I mean he seems to have the same grace, the same dignity and so does his wife, I think Americans will see the value of that.”

However, Giuliani spoke particularly passionately about the late Queen Elizabeth.


King Charles

King Charles


“I might have a conflict,” he explained, “because I’m an Honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire.”

Giuliani continued: “I was knighted by the great and wonderful Queen Elizabeth II in 2000 and 2002.

“I can’t say that I am a monarchist. I’ve grown up in favour of republican-type governments but maybe with my honorary knighthood I now love the monarchy.

“I love her. I think she was one of the most remarkable people of the 20th century, just as a human-being.

An image of the late Queen

An image of the late Queen


“And I have great hopes for the interim Charles and really great hopes for his son [William].”

Giuliani’s comments about the former Queen echo much of what Donald Trump said during his time in the Oval Office and during his third election campaign.

The lawyer-turned politician made a number of other remarks during his interview with GB News.

Giuliani was scathing about Joe Biden’s immigration agenda and even suggested Vice President Kamala Harris should replace her boss immediately.

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