Camilla set to make touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II alongside King Charles

Queen Camilla and Queen Elizabeth

Camilla set to make touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 06/11/2023

- 15:23

The King and Queen will attend the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday

Queen Camilla is set to make a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II alongside King Charles at the State Opening of Parliament.

Camilla, 76, will wear the late monarch's diamond diadem for the first time that she wore at the 1953 Coronation.

The diadem, which is worth £6million, was worn by Queen Elizabeth II at every State Opening of Parliament throughout her reign.

Most Britons will recognise the headpiece from coins and banknotes that continue to depict the late monarch.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth wore the Diamond Diadem each year


Created in 1821, the diadem features 1,333 diamonds in gold and silver.

In addition, Camilla's headpiece will have a four-carat yellow diamond at the front, but altered to incorporate the national emblems of a thistle, shamrock and rose.

The diadem was one of the late Queen’s most significant pieces of jewellery, therefore, it is a poignant choice by Camilla for tomorrow’s event.

Queen Elizabeth II decreed in February 2022 that Camilla would be known as "Queen Consort" when Charles became King, as opposed to Princess Consort which was the original plan.

WATCH NOW: King Charles delivering the Queen's Speech in 2022

The "Consort" title was later dropped when King Charles began sending invites to his Coronation.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward said: “I think Camilla is always reticent to take on any mantle of the late Queen, including the title.

“But everything she does is to please her husband.

“I honestly don't think she has a scrap of royal ambition but just happy to keep the King happy.

King Charles

King Charles will deliver the first King's Speech of his reign


King Charles and Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla wearing St Mary's Crown at the Coronation


“She does everything for him and if he wants her to wear the Diamond Diadem then that is what she will do.

“I’m sure the public will recognise it because of the stamps," she told The Sun.

For the Coronation, Queen Camilla wore St Mary's Crown from 1911.

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