King Charles's Princess Beatrice decision reflects his 'different values' to Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles and Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice's public role reflects King Charles's 'different values' from Queen Elizabeth II

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 25/12/2023

- 08:00

The late Queen had "slightly different" beliefs than the current King, according to a royal commentator

Princess Beatrice's role within the Royal Family reflects King Charles's "different values" from Queen Elizabeth II, a royal commentator has claimed.

The King has welcomed relatives who have blended families being allowed to celebrate Christmas with the Royal Family, as well as other key calendar events.

This is a stark contrast from under the reign of the late Queen, who "firmly" believed in people being in or out of the Royal Family and nothing in between, a royal author has opined.

For example, Princess Beatrice publicly brought her stepson Christopher Woolf (Wolfie) along to Sandringham in 2022 and the recent carol service that was hosted by the Princess of Wales.

WATCH NOW: Princess Beatrice takes stepson Wolfie to Kate's Christmas carol concert

Queen Camilla is also planning on bringing her children and biological grandchildren along to Christmas this year, which never occurred during Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Gareth Russell, a royal author, spoke exclusively to GB News to explain whether or not Princess Beatrice's public role as a stepmother reflects King Charles III's modern values as monarch.

He said: "It does reflect Charles III's slightly different values to Elizabeth II.

"Elizabeth II was a very firm believer in one being either fully in or fully out of the Royal Family.

Princess Beatrice, Wolfie, Edoardo Mapelli MozziPrincess Beatrice brought her stepson Wolfie to Sandringham last yearPA

"Charles III does believe, as many people of his generation believe, in more blended families.

"So we are seeing that with his closeness to Queen Camilla's children from her first marriage and to her grandchildren, and also things like Princess Beatrice bringing her stepson along to prominent royal events."

When Charles assumed the throne, he became the first monarch to have already had a previous divorce.

He also became the first sovereign to have married his spouse in a civil service, as opposed to a religious one.

Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes

Queen Camilla's children Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes at the Coronation in May

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth firmly believed in 'one being either fully in or fully out of the Royal Family', Russell claimed


King Charles and the late Princess Diana divorced on August 28, 1996, four years after their initial separation.

Queen Camilla married Charles in 2005, and in turn, became Prince William and Prince Harry's stepmother.

This also meant that Charles took on the role of stepfather to Camilla's children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes.

This year at Christmas, the King and Queen are expected to host immediate and extended members of the Royal Family at their Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

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