Prince William has ‘huge burden’ as he prepares to return to royal duties - Cameron Walker

Prince William has ‘huge burden’ as he prepares to return to royal duties - Cameron Walker

Prince William returns: How will he cope balancing royal duties?

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 18/04/2024

- 09:54

Prince William will be returning to his royal duties today for the first time since his wife's cancer diagnosis

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GB News royal correspondent Cameron Walker has claimed that Prince William has a "huge burden" on him as he prepares to return to the royal spotlight.

Prince William took a step back from his duties after his wife, Princess Kate, revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking on GB News, Cameron said: "We haven't seen him for more than three-and-a-half weeks.

"His children, George, Charlotte and Louis were back at school yesterday. Of course, this is the first time we're going to see him since the Princess of Wales disclosed her cancer diagnosis to the world.

Prince William

Prince William is returning to royal duties


"He's taking after his father a bit. King Charles launched the Coronation Food Project to support charities feeding disadvantaged communities back in November.

"Prince William is doing something slightly different. He's visiting a surplus food distribution charity called Surplus to Supper in Surrey, which distributes over ten tons of food per week.


"Food waste goes to banks, schools, care homes, religious organisations and youth centres.

GB News host Stephen Dixon said: "For most of us, we're just going to be saying, well, he's back on his feet.

"He's getting on with the job after what must have been, obviously our hearts go out to Catherine, an incredibly stressful time for him."

Cameron explained: "It certainly is. And I think there's been a huge burden placed on Prince William even before the princess revealed her cancer diagnosis.

Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker spoke on GB News ahead of William's return to royal duties


Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Prince has been taking care of his wife after er cancer diagnosis


"The speculation around herself and her family was vast, and Prince William had to pull out of that memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece.

The reason for this, I understand, is because of Kate's cancer diagnosis.

"So it has been a really difficult time for him because he has had to balance his royal duties with his private family as well.

"There's been huge pressure for Prince William to do more public engagements.

"I think post-Kate's cancer diagnosis the British public and the media and social media trolls did take a step back and give the princess, the prince and her their children the privacy they needed to come to terms with that cancer diagnosis.

"This is Prince William keeping calm and carrying on and getting on with the job post-Easter break."

Prince Williams's last public engagement was on 19 March when he visited Sheffield to promote his Homewards homelessness campaign.

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