Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship 'broken' as duke darts home without seeing his brother

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship 'broken' as duke darts home without seeing his brother

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 07/02/2024

- 22:48

Updated: 09/02/2024

- 16:23

The Prince travelled to the UK for one day to speak with the King following cancer diagnosis

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship is “broken,” according to a royal commentator, as the duke darted home without seeing his older brother.

According to Daniela Relph, it is unlikely that there will be a reconciliation between the two brothers at this time.

The relationship between Harry and William has been tense since the Duke of Sussex published his memoir, Spare, which criticised his brother.

Daniela Relph said: “It's a sibling relationship that still looks incredibly broken.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Harry travelled to the UK without seeing his brother William


“We don't know if either side has reached out in any way, if there has been any attempt to find a truce.

“As things stand there doesn't seem to be any sign of that.”

Prince Harry arrived in the UK yesterday for one day to visit his father, King Charles, following his recent cancer diagnosis.

Harry and the King met for around 45 minutes at Clarence House on Tuesday but did not see the Prince or the Princess of Wales.

Prince William and Prince HarryPrince Harry launched many attacks against Prince William in SparePA

This afternoon the duke boarded a flight from Heathrow airport just before 2pm to fly back to the US.

Another royal commentator has claimed that Harry could have stayed with the royals but instead he “went to a hotel”.

GB News royal commentator Jennie Bond claimed the meeting between King Charles and Prince Harry would have been “awkward”.

Bond explained that Harry could have stayed at Clarence House or gone to Sandringham but “instead, he went off to a hotel and goodness knows what he did with himself.”

King Charles and Prince Harry

Harry met with his father, Charles at Clarence House


Bond continued: “Goodness knows whether there's going to be another meeting or he's going to jet straight back to California. It's a very strange and odd situation altogether.”

Prince Harry travelled to the UK alone leaving his wife, Meghan, and his children in California.

Since leaving the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan have made several negative comments about the royals in their Netflix series and their interview with Oprah.

This evening Prince William took a break from caring for his wife and attended the London Air Ambulance Gala in central London.

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