Prince Harry ‘will be FURIOUS’ over The Crown’s Diana funeral scene - royal author

Prince Harry ‘will be FURIOUS’ over The Crown’s Diana funeral scene - royal author
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 17/11/2023

- 10:54

Updated: 17/11/2023

- 11:06

Prince Harry will be “furious” that words he spoke during the funeral of Princess Diana are spoken by Prince William in the new series of The Crown, according to the Royal author Angela Levin.

She said on GB News: “What's interesting is that Harry said to me, because I wrote his biography, he said to me he couldn't bear people crying because they didn't know his mother, and that made him unable to cry for x number of years.

“However, they make sure that William is actually saying this. So, they've taken all Harry's feelings - he'll be furious - and put it under William.”

Speaking to Richard Tice on GB News, she continued: “But the other thing that's quite interesting is that Harry said in his own book Spare that his father didn't cuddle him or hold him when he came in to tell them that his mother was killed.

“And in fact, they don't care about that in The Crown, they make sure he holds him, and strokes him, and being terribly nice to him, so they didn't even listen to what Harry has said very strongly.”

Asked if people should watch it, she said: “Well, I mean, at the beginning, it's alright. It depends what you like, but just remember it is not really true.

“If you want to see some sort of nonsense going on with everybody attacked for something that's wrong with them, the King, the Queen, Camilla, everybody, but it's not real. None of it is real.”


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