‘They are damaging to the commonwealth!’ Royal expert releases book that ‘exposes Harry and Meghan’

‘They are damaging to the commonwealth!’ Royal expert releases book that ‘exposes Harry and Meghan’

‘They are damaging to the commonwealth!’ Royal expert released book to 'expose' Sussexes

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 15/04/2024

- 09:09

Updated: 15/04/2024

- 09:15

Royal commentator, Lady Colin Campbell, has launched a fresh edition of her book 'Meghan and Harry: The Real Story'

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "are damaging to the commonwealth" after she released a book that "exposes" the duke and duchess.

The book, which hit UK shelves on April 4, is described in its foreword as an "analysis of what happens when a vulnerable male" falls for an "ambitious doyenne".

Speaking to GB News, Lady C said: "I thought that it was about time that somebody nailed those two to the post.

"I went through everything with a fine tooth comb and just absolutely nailed everything that they have done.

Nana Akua, Lady C

Lady C gave a brutal analysis of Harry and Meghan

GB News

"It is so irresponsible and so far it has been a total disgrace and a disaster in terms of the Commonwealth.

"I think that the situation is reversing now that they are being exposed. They have also exposed themselves because as we all know, they have tanked in terms of popularity on both sides of the Atlantic."


The 70-year-old aristocrat, who has published books on Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, has criticised the pair after they left the UK in January 2020.

In the past, she has labelled Meghan as "not capable of learning lessons" and her new book is equally as scathing.

The author also told GB News host Nana Akua: "Remember the Queen, the late Queen, had made them President and Vice President of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust.

"So Meghan's unique attributes as a woman of colour would have actually enhanced the interests of the Commonwealth.

Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry now live in the US


"Instead, The Queen went to her death thinking that the world believed that the Royal Family were racist.

"Throughout the Commonwealth, there has been a tremendous amount of despair because of the onshore accusations that they made about the members of the Royal Family.

"Also in a lot of the Commonwealth countries, people felt that it was pretty unfair for them to be tarnishing all the British people with a racist brush.

"Nowadays Britain is one of the most racially inclusive and welcoming societies on earth."

Nana said: "I think Meghan didn't understand that though, because she took on the stuff that's happening in America and probably predicted it in this country."

Meghan and Harry moved to the US in January 2020 after quitting their roles as senior royals. The have since criticised the Royal Family heavily in the form of interviews and Harry's memoir titled Spare.

Their visits to the UK have been short and infrequent since, although Harry flew to the UK to visit his father after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The former Suits TV actress has been tipped to return to the UK next month alongside Prince Harry to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, even though Omid Scobie wrote that she "never wanted to set foot" in the UK again.

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