'Ditch Meghan!' Prince Harry can build bridges with Royal Family but his wife is more important - Levin

'Ditch Meghan!' Prince Harry can build bridges with Royal Family but his wife is more important - Levin

WATCH NOW: Prince Harry is urged to 'ditch Meghan' by Angela Levin

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/02/2024

- 10:33

Updated: 19/02/2024

- 10:44

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Canada together for the Invictus Games countdown

Prince Harry has been urged to "ditch" wife Meghan Markle if he wishes to reconcile with the Royal Family.

Royal Biographer Angela Levin said the only way the Duke of Sussex would build bridges with the Royal Family would be to part ways with Meghan Markle - but added that he would never do as his wife is more important to him than his family.

During his interview with Good Morning America, Prince Harry spoke to reporter Will Reeves as he visited the Invictus Games training camp in Whistler, Canada, ahead of the countdown to the 2025 event.

During his visit, the Duke said he "loves his family" and intends to see them "as much as he can" following King Charles's cancer diagnosis.

Angela Levin, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Angela Levin says Prince Harry should 'ditch Meghan' in order to reconcile with the Royal Family

GB News / Reuters

Prince Harry hoped for a reconciliation with his family, and claimed he sees the "strength of the family unit coming together" on a daily basis, and "any illness, any sickness, brings families together".

However Harry quickly turned the conversation onto his own wife and children, he said: "I have my own family. My family and my life in California is as it is."

Speaking to GB News, Angela Levin expanded on claims Prince William is "angered" by Harry and there is "no chance" of the Duke being allowed back into the royal fold.

Levin said the only way for Prince Harry to "build bridges" with his brother and the Royal Family is to "ditch Meghan".

Prince Harry

Prince Harry says he intends to visit the UK 'as much as he can' following King Charles's cancer diagnosis

ABC / Good Morning America

Levin told host Mark Dolan: "I think if he ditched Meghan and waited a bit, then that would be good. But I think he can't do that, because you think your wife is more important than your family really. And I think that won't work.

"She doesn't want to be in the UK, she didn't like the British Royal Family. So it's going to be very difficult."


Levin continued: "She has to be in control. You can see the way she holds his hand and let doesn't let him move out one foot from where she is and she controls him, and he's okay with that.

"But she can't start controlling the the family, the monarchy. If she came over or if she just stayed there and just told him what he had to do, it would be the most terrible mess ever."

Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Meghan Markle 'didn't like the Royal Family'

GB News

Mark Dolan argued that Meghan Markle would say "Prince Harry is very much his own man" in their relationship, but asked Levin if it was "really the only way" that Prince Harry would be welcomed back by the Royal Family fully.

Levin replied: "I don't think he will ever divorce her, but I think that that would be right. People really don't like Meghan.

"She's been very negative about the Royal Family and she wanted to be next to the Queen and help modernise it.

"Well, you can't come over and do that within five minutes, can you?"

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