Prince Harry issues fresh statement on upcoming trial

Prince Harry

Prince Harry issues fresh statement

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 10/11/2023

- 13:00

Updated: 10/11/2023

- 15:32

The Duke of Sussex is 'delighted' about upcoming trial

Prince Harry has issued a fresh statement on his upcoming trial against the Daily Mail publisher.

Earlier today it was announced that the Duke of Sussex's court case against Associated Newspapers Limited will go to trial.

Now, the prince has said he is "delighted" at the decision taken by the High Court judge.

In a statement issued by the law firm Hamlins on their behalf, the seven people in the claim said they were “delighted with today’s decision which allows our claims over serious criminal activity and gross breaches of privacy by the Mail titles to proceed to trial”.

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The statement continued: “The High Court has dismissed ‘without difficulty’ the attempt by Associated Newspapers, publisher of The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and the Mail Online, to throw these cases out.

“Indeed, the judge found that each of our claims had a real prospect of showing there was concealment of unlawful acts by the Mail titles and that this could not have been discovered until recently.

“Our claims can now proceed to trial.

“As we have maintained since the outset, we bring our claims over the deplorable and illegal activities which took place over many years, including private investigators being hired to place secret listening devices inside our cars and homes, the tapping of our phone calls, corrupt payments to police for inside information, and the illegal accessing of our medical information from hospitals and financial information from banks.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has several cases against the British press


“We intend to uncover the truth at trial and hold those responsible at Associated Newspapers fully accountable.”

The Duke of Sussex, Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Sir Elton John are three individuals involved in the case, who have said they are “delighted” with today's decision.

The other people involved include David Furnish, Sadie Frost, Liz Hurley and Sir Simon Hughes.

They have accused the Daily Mail publisher of allegedly carrying out or commissioning unlawful activities such as hiring private investigators to place listening devices inside cars, “blagging” private records and accessing and recording private phone conversations.

Elton John

Elton John is one individual involved in the case


Associated Newspapers Limited has firmly denied the allegations.

At a hearing in March, the publisher asked a judge to rule in its favour without a trial, arguing the legal challenges against it were brought “far too late”.

However, in a ruling on Friday, Mr Justice Nicklin said the Daily Mail publisher had “not been able to deliver a ‘knockout blow’ to the claims of any of these claimants” and that the cases could continue.

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