Omid Scobie accuracy questioned after major blunder during TV interview

Omid Scobie
This week, two members of the Royal Family have been named as the 'royal racists' in the Dutch version of Scobie's book.
GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 30/11/2023

- 14:05

The controversial book takes a deep dive into the Royal Household's relationship with the press

Omid Scobie has been caught out following a live television interview, where he discussed when Prince Harry and Meghan are first mentioned in his new royal book 'Endgame'.

The controversial book takes a deep dive into the Royal Household's relationship with the press, as well as the alleged infighting between members of the Royal Family.

Newspaper reviews of Omid Scobie's 'Endgame' have pointed out the pro-Harry and Meghan narrative, while heavily criticising the working members of the Royal Family.

In an interview on ITV's This Morning, having become increasingly frustrated by presenter Craig Doyle's brutal grilling, Omid snapped "Harry and Meghan don't appear in this book until page 146.

But the English version of 'Endgame' first mentions Prince Harry on page three of the prologue, and first mentions Meghan on page nine.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are then mentioned frequently in the book, mostly in a very positive light.

Questions are now being raised about the accuracy and reliability of Omid Scobie's version of events.

The Dutch version of Endgame, which has now been recalled, appears to name two members of the Royal Family accused by Meghan of 'unconscious bias'.

Dutch publisher, Xaner Uitgevers, initially blamed the allegations on a 'translation error', but has since rolled back on that claim.

The latest statement from the publisher simply states "an error" occurred in the Dutch edition.

This Morning, Scobie said the error "is still being investigated".

He told presenters Craig Doyle and Alison Hammond: "I wrote and edited the English version of the book with one publisher."

"That then gets licenced to other publishers. I obviously can't speak Italian, German, French, Dutch, or any of the other languages that come out."

"So, the only time you hear about the book is once it's come out in the public domain."

"I am as frustrated as everyone else. I make it clear in this book that I, in every way possible, want to adhere to the laws surrounding this subject."

"It's why I've been very careful about how it's been described in the book...This is information [the two royal names] that is not privy just to me. Journalists across Fleet Street have known those names for a long time."

TV host and former Fleet Street hack, Piers Morgan, publicly named the two royals on Prime Time television last night, with the clip quickly going viral on social media.

Certain international publications have decided to follow suit.

GB News has chosen not to reveal the names.

It has been reported Buckingham Palace are "considering all options" on how to respond.

It is understood the King's focus remains on his work tackling climate change, and helping to bring peace in the Middle East.

His Majesty is in Dubai to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) where he is expected to deliver a public address.

This morning, King Charles told the Nigerian President during a bilateral meeting: "I'm all right very much, just about. Having a rather ancient birthday recently recovering from the shock of that."

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Omid Scobie's 'Endgame'.

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