Meghan Markle 'will control' any royal return for Harry as Duke could take on part-time responsibilities

Meghan Markle 'will control' any royal return for Harry as Duke could take on part-time responsibilities

WATCH NOW: Angela Levin says Meghan Markle 'will control' any royal return for Harry

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 20/02/2024

- 14:37

Updated: 20/02/2024

- 15:31

Prince Harry has reportedly expressed interest in returning to royal duties

Prince Harry has been warned that wife Meghan Markle may try to "control" any possible return to the Royal Family.

Royal Biographer Angela Levin has claimed the Duchess of Sussex will be "in charge" of the Duke if he begins life as a "part-time royal".

This follows claims that Prince Harry has told friends he would "step into a royal role" while his father is unwell, as King Charles is currently being treated for cancer.

A royal insider claimed it makes "perfect sense" for the family to come together to support the King while he’s sick.

They added: "Much has been said on both sides in recent years, but that has never diminished the fundamental bond of blood, and there are now pragmatic aspects to consider, with the King and Kate’s wellbeing ­paramount in this."

Meghan Markle and Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Meghan Markle will 'control' Prince Harry if he returns to the Royal Family

Reuters / GB News

The insider made clear that details of the Clarence House meeting between Harry and King Charles are "private", but admitted the "feeling is that this arrangement could work".

Prince Harry recently told American breakfast show Good Morning America that he plans to see his family "as much as he can" following the King's diagnosis, and hopes the illness can "bring the family together".

He said he "loves his family", but also "has his own family" in California.

Speaking to GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin says a possible return to the British monarchy for Harry would "enable him to ask for money", as his own Sussex empire "is imploding".

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have visited Canada together ahead of the Invictus Winter Games


Levin explained: "He said in 2023 that he wants to look after the monarchy, make it more modern and look after William's children so that they won't have the same difficult time as he's had now.

"William doesn't want anybody messing around with his children."


She added: "Anything that he does here, Meghan will control, she controls him, she holds his arms, she doesn't let him move more than three inches.

"And if he comes, if he wants to get a place in Kensington Palace, it would be an absolute disaster because they will be manipulated by those two. I mean, half of them are global warriors and half of them are terrible victims."

Eamonn Holmes argued that a return for Prince Harry could be "welcomed" by the British public, given the current health situation of King Charles.

Levin disagreed, claiming they may forgive Harry, but they "won't forgive Meghan".

Angela Levin

Angela Levin says King Charles will 'always love Harry' despite what he's done

GB News

Levin continued: "She will control it - it will be lots of phone calls, lots of telling him what to do. She has to be in charge.

"We've seen that with everything, she always got to be in the front. She pushes forward, she knows exactly what she thinks the monarchy should be and she won't give in."

Discussing his relationship with King Charles, the royal biographer said the King "knows it's wrong" what Prince Harry has done in the past and "hates what he as done", but he "can't help loving his son".

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