King Charles and Queen Camilla share special video as they land in Kenya for royal tour

Queen Camilla and King Charles

Queen Camilla and King Charles arrived in Kenya tonight

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 30/10/2023

- 20:26

The King and Queen have embarked on their first Commonwealth trip since the Coronation

King Charles and Queen Camilla shared a special video as they landed in Nairobi, Kenya tonight for their royal tour.

The King and Queen travelled to Germany and France earlier this year, but this trip marks the first Commonwealth visit of Charles's reign.

The Royal Family posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing the monarch and Camilla reading their itineraries for the upcoming tour on the plane.

They captioned the post saying: "The King and Queen flew to Kenya today ahead of their State Visit, which begins tomorrow.

WATCH NOW: King Charles and Queen Camilla arrive in Kenya tonight

"Follow #RoyalVisitKenya for the latest updates."

Although a red carpet was laid out in Nairobi for the royal couple, there will be no public sighting of the King and Queen until tomorrow.

There will be a wreath laying at Uhuru Gdns, a tour of a museum dedicated to Kenya’s history, and later, a state banquet where King Charles will attempt to speak Swahili.

Despite no official sightings, royal fans loved the behind-the-scenes clip of the couple and took to social media to commend the King and Queen.

King Charles

King Charles sat reading his itinerary on the plane


"Love this video! I'm sure the tour will be a successful one," one royal watcher wrote.

Another added: "Cute video of Their Majesties."

One fan said: "Absolutely love this! Can't wait for another incredible state visit!"

"I absolutely love this mini behind-the-scenes video!" another social media user commented.

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla also reads on the plane


Freedom Fighters

Protesters gathered in Nairobi ahead of King Charles's State Visit


A different royal watcher wrote: "Oh, dear King Charles looks so old with those glasses.

"Queen Camilla looks great. Great trip."

A fan from the country posted: "Greetings from Kenya!

"Glad they chose my beautiful country for their first trip to Africa!"

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