King Charles ‘shows backbone’ with decision to shun Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

King Charles shakes hands with royal fans

King Charles has not extended an invitation to Meghan and Harry to a key royal event

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/08/2023

- 20:41

The Sussexes are due in Europe while a key royal event takes place

King Charles has been praised for his decision to snub Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from an event marking the one-year anniversary of the Queen’s death.

Despite the event occurring during an apparent window of convenience for the pair, they remain uninvited.

The Sussexes are scheduled to be in Europe for the Invictus Games at the same time.

Speaking on GB News, presenter Patrick Christys and royal commentator Kinsey Schofield praised the monarch’s decision, making note of instances where he has “caved” into certain issues and not stood up for the good of the Royal Family.

“You know what I don’t think played well for King Charles?”, Christys asked.

“The Royal Family rolled over and died when it came to Ngozi Fulani, the one who said Lady Susan Hussey behaved in a racist way.

“That didn’t play well with a lot of royalists in this country, they felt he was given in.

“Then there was olive branch after olive branch to Harry and Meghan, that stopped playing well.

“Now, if this really is the case, we’re not even going to talk to you about whether you want to come and mark this one year anniversary, that I think will play very well for King Charles in the opinion polls.

“That, I think, will actually play well for King Charles in the opinion polls.”

Prince HarryPrince Harry played a central role in creating the Invictus Games


Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield agreed with the point made by the GB News presenter, saying the monarch has shown “backbone” with his defiant stance.

“He’s said, ‘you’re not going to disrespect our family, this is a private time, we’re going to mark one of the greatest monarchy in history without you’.

“I think you’re right, it shows backbone.”

Harry and Meghan stepped down from royal duties in 2020, and appearances alongside the rest of the family have come about sparingly since.

Harry was last seen with them in May, when he attended his father’s Coronation, but his visit was only brief, having landed back in the US within 24 hours of the King’s crowning moment.

According to The Sun, a source has revealed there has been no “outreach” to the estranged couple over the family event.

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, however, are set to attend.

Charles’ brother was stepped of his ‘His Royal Highness’ titles last year, but appears to be on positive terms with the monarch.

As many royals trek to Scotland, it is unclear whether the Sussexes will be able to see any, even if they wanted to.

The pair no longer have a permanent home in the UK after they were evicted from Frogmore Cottage.

"If they are not included in any of those plans they will find a way to mark the significance in their own way," a source stated.

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