King Charles set to use 'legal justification' to oust Prince Andrew in latest royal feud

Prince Andrew and King Charles
Prince Andrew and King Charles are locked in crunch talks over Royal Lodge
Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 14/06/2024

- 21:24

Updated: 14/06/2024

- 22:02

The Duke of York has lived in Royal Lodge since 2003

King Charles is set to use a "legal justification" to force his hand with the Prince Andrew eviction, a royal commentator has claimed.

The two brothers have been locked in crunch talks over the Duke of York's home, Royal Lodge, where he has lived since 2003.

The King, 75, is said to have made it clear that he wants Andrew, 64, who is no longer an official working royal, to move out and live elsewhere.

However, Andrew is "refusing to budge, much to the frustration of his brother", according to reports in The Times.

King Charles and Prince Andrew

King Charles set to use 'legal justification' to evict Prince Andrew, expert claims


Gareth Russell, a royal author, spoke exclusively to GB News to explain how King Charles can force his brother to vacate Royal Lodge.

He said: "Essentially, the system operates on the condition that the incumbents keep the lease based on the fact that they can maintain the property.

"If they can't financially afford to maintain a historic property, then they void the terms of the lease.

"So if Prince Andrew cannot afford the upkeep of Royal Lodge, then that would be how the King and the Crown Estates would have a legal justification for asking him to vacate the property."

Royal LodgeAs part of his 75-year lease, the Duke of York agreed to maintain Royal LodgePA

Friends of the Duke of York have claimed that Andrew intends to continue living at Royal Lodge and leave it to his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

One of the duke's friends said: "Andrew has no intention of moving out, and it’s extraordinary that his brother has chosen to reopen this battle via anonymous briefings to the press.

"It’s like they [the Palace] have learned nothing from the whole Harry and Meghan debacle.

"Andrew does not have a huge amount in his life any more, the house is one of the few things keeping him going, and the idea that he is going to throw that away along with his children’s inheritance is just absurd."

Prince AndrewPrince Andrew has lived at Royal Lodge for almost 20 yearsGetty
King Charles

King Charles reportedly wants his brother to downsize and move to Frogmore Cottage


They continued to tell The Daily Beast: "The place is perfectly well maintained and the notion that Andrew is in dire financial straits is not remotely accurate.

"He still has the support of plenty of friends and has plenty of business interests."

According to reports in The Times, the King will "reconsider the levels of support he is willing to provide" unless Andrew moves out.

The publication also alleged that King Charles is supporting the duke in the "low millions" of pounds per annum.

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