King Charles health: Monarch drops hint he’s ‘doing better’ with latest move

King Charles health: Monarch drops hint he’s ‘doing better’ with latest move
King Charles 'insisted' Camilla went on holiday as Queen 'needs a break'
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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 04/03/2024

- 11:36

The King has been recovering after he was diagnosed with cancer

A royal commentator has claimed that King Charles' latest move may be a sign that the monarch is "doing better."

The King has been recovering from treatment after he was diagnosed with a form on cancer last month. Queen Camilla has stepped up to take on some of the King's royal duties, but is now taking a brief holiday because she is "exhausted".

Angela Levin believes the King "insisting" Camilla takes a holiday "could mean he is doing better".

Speaking to GB News she said: "My view is that King Charles insisted that she has a break.

King Charles and Queen Camilla

King Charles may have "insisted" that his wife Queen Camilla takes a break


"She is working non-stop, she has done so much in this last week. She has also been there for him all the time. I think that it is a sign that he has improved quite well.

"He will say, 'why don't you take a break?' Some people say that she might be spending it with her children and with Charles.


"Others think that she might be going to India, even though she hates flying, because there is a marvellous spa there and they can give her the one over in two days and she will come back a new woman.

"It is very good, she has been there before and she absolutely loves it."

King Charles

King Charles "may be" doing better after it was revealed that he has been diagnosed with a 'form of cancer'


The Queen will be back in action on March 11 to represent King Charles at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Camilla is said to be buoyed by the public's reaction to her leading the Royal Family over the last few weeks.

A royal source told The Times: "Although she was not expecting to find herself in the position of leading the family, the Queen is absolutely prepared to do whatever needs to be done for the institution.

"She has found reserves of energy that even she didn't think she had, and the estimation of her by those inside the palace has soared as she has put her shoulder to the wheel."

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla is taken a short holiday


Prince William is expected to step up whilst the Queen rest, having taken a short break himself to take care of his wife Princess and their three children.

The Princess of Wales is recovering from a planned abdominal procedure and is not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter.

The Princess of Wales had the operation in January and spent two weeks in the London Clinic following the procedure.

Kate has now returned to her Windsor home where she is continuing her recovery.

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