Princess Kate becomes UK’s most popular royal after emotional cancer announcement video

Princess Kate becomes UK’s most popular royal after emotional cancer announcement video

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 09/04/2024

- 17:16

The Princess of Wales announced her cancer diagnosis at the end of March

  • In April a poll found that Kate's favourable rating had increased since her video message
  • Princess Kate overtook her husband Prince William in the polls making her the most favoured royal
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Princess Kate has become the UK’s most popular royal following her emotional cancer announcement video.

The Princess of Wales overtook her husband, Prince William as the most favoured royal between February and April.

In February, Prince William held a 77 per cent favourable rating while Princess Kate remained behind at 74 per cent.

However, at the beginning of April, Kate’s popularity rating increased following a period of speculation surrounding her health and her cancer announcement video on March 22.

Princess Kate

A new poll revealed that Princess Kate is the UK's most popular royal


In April, the YouGov poll found that three-quarters of Britons (76 per cent) said they hold a positive view of Princess Kate, which is a six-point increase since the start of the year.

The Prince of Wales fell behind Kate with a 73 per cent approval rating.

Furthermore, 21 per cent of respondents hold a negative view of Prince William compared to Kate’s 15 per cent.

The princess announced her cancer diagnosis through a video message where she spoke of the “huge shock” it was for her and her family.

Kate and William

Princess Kate has overtaken William in a survey as the most popular UK royal


Kate is now on a path to recovery as she begins a course of preventative chemotherapy.

The third most popular royal is Princess Anne with a 71 per cent positive rating and only 13 per cent of respondents holding a negative view of the royal.

The survey, which was conducted between April 2 - 3, took a sample of 2004 adults from Great Britain and asked them a range of questions about the Royal Family.

When asking about each member of the Royal Family the survey asked: “Thinking about the royal family, for each of the following please say whether you have a positive or negative opinion of them?”

Princess Anne

Princess Anne is the third most popular royal


The survey also measured how the public felt about the Royal Family in general and the institution of the monarchy in general.

King Charles’s rating has remained steadily popular with a 63 per cent favourable rating compared to 30 per cent who are unfavourable of the monarch.

The least popular member of the family was Prince Andrew with a mere 6 per cent positive rating and an 86 per cent unfavourable opinion of the duke.

The Duke of York is followed by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry with 26 per cent and 31 per cent positive ratings respectively.


Princess KatePrincess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis in MarchPA

However, younger Britons who generally have a more negative view of the Royal Family are more positive about Harry and Meghan.

Meanwhile, older respondents were most critical of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and most favourable toward the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Regarding the favourability of the institution of the monarchy, 58 per cent of Britons held a positive view, but this ranged significantly by age group.

Respondents over 65 held a 79 per cent favourable rating of the institution while only 32 per cent of people between 18 to 24 years old were positive.

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