'We're protective of Kate!' Isabel Webster DEFENDS critics of Prince Harry in fiery clash ahead of UK return

'We're protective of Kate!' Isabel Webster DEFENDS critics of Prince Harry in fiery clash ahead of UK return

WATCH NOW: Kriss Akabusi fiercely defends Prince Harry ahead of Duke's return to UK

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 29/04/2024

- 17:52

Prince Harry will return to the UK in May for the Invictus Games anniversary event in London

Prince Harry has been fiercely defended by Kriss Akabusi, as he sparked an on-air clash with Isabel Webster about the royal.

The Duke of Sussex is set to return to the UK in May, as he celebrates the tenth anniversary of his Invictus Games project.

Speaking on GB News, former Olympian Akabusi said it is "no longer our business" to talk about Prince Harry, and the focus should be on the success of the Invictus Games.

He defended the royal couple and said that they have been "battered" by the media, and the Invictus Games wouldn't be what it is today "without his profile, his energy, and his experiences as a soldier".

Isabel Webster and Kriss Akabusi

Isabel Webster defended critics of Prince Harry in a fiery disagreement with Kriss Akabusi

GB News

Akabusi fumed: "I think he's tired of it all. Yeah. Look, he's gone to California, Montecito with his wife, and he and his wife decide to go and live a different life - we don't need to talk about him.

"And of course, people will ask if he's going to talk to his dad? Of course he's going to speak to his dad. He doesn't need a press conference to say I'm speaking to my dad."

Isabel then argued that people discuss his dwindling relationships with his father and brother because "he said it all in Spare", his memoir.

Isabel explained: "It's only because he's talked about it in Spare, and told us all about it that it is our business, and everyone takes a view on it."

Prince Harry

Prince Harry will return to the UK alone in May for the Invictus Games anniversary event


Akabusi hit back, claiming: "Well it's not our business anymore!"


Isabel argued: "Well, everyone takes a view because he did the Oprah interview, he's taken slingshots at Kate, we know Kate's ill, people feel protective over William and Kate, don't they?

"People are invested in it. But, I agree it'd be nice if we didn't talk about it."

Akabusi responded: "I'm sure he's given his condolences to his sister-in-law. Come on, he's not a beast.

"But let's not talk about that next week. It's the Invictus Games, ten years. He's the flagship of all those brave soldiers who got maimed in different places and are competing at the highest level."

Kriss Akabusi

Kriss Akabusi argued that it is 'not our business anymore' to discuss Prince Harry's relationship with the Royal Family

GB News

Speaking in criticism of Prince Harry, host Eamonn Holmes said the UK will be "bored silly" by his return for the Invictus Games event.

Eamonn told the panel: "We're all going to be bored silly next week as Prince Harry returns to London. We are.

"You know he's going to be in the news every day - what he's doing, did he see the King, was he snubbed by his brother? What would he be without the Invictus Games?"

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